“She’s been up there for 500 years?!”  
“The years haven’t been good to her!!”

This is from Brothers Grimm; a movie that Candace and I saw this past weekend. It wasn’t too bad. I would see it again just to be able to spot everything in it that I missed the first time. I guess John went to because I just remembered that he didn’t like it. So there. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger were in it and I have to say that Heath Ledger with his hair short like that is hot. In my opinion. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t know. Jonathon Pryce is in it too (He’s from Pirates of the Carribean-the Govenor). I noticed him right off the bat and was telling Candy who it was. Funny.

Sunday, before we went to the movies mom, me and Brooke joined the YMCA. Exciting, isn’t it? We went last night for the first time to work out. My picture turned out the best. Anywho……me and Candy were kicking butt on the treadmills! When I first got there mom and Candy were already on the treadmills and someone was showing them how to work them when I came over to say hi. She looked at me and asked if I brought tennis shoes because at the moment I was in sandals. I was like yeah! Duh! She was blonde but how stupid do you honestly have to be to ask someone who is at the Y that? I don’t know; mom said maybe she thought I was going swimming or something. Anywho….

I have all four wonderful kids today. Today is “I want kids day.” Last Tuesday was “I never ever want children. Ever!” So you could say today is much better! I have all the kids fed and down to bed. It’s quiet in the house and as soon as I finish writing this I plan on doing a little dusting. Exciting, isn’t it? (Javier or Joanne: If your reading this and you see that I haven’t dusted, it’s because a kid woke up or after I wrote this I forgot to.)

Well, I lied right there because as soon as I write this I’m going to look for a car online. Cutting it kind of close I guess.

Oh, some big news. Holly is getting awesome at playing her bass!!! I have three books with great songs in them and I’ve been working almost everyday. Sometimes twice a day!! I have “All The Small Things” by Blink 182 memorized. Well pretty darn close to having it memorized. Almost. I will though by this next week.

Oh, some more humungous news!! I got my left ear cartilidge pierced on Saturday. Did I write that already? I don’t think so there it is. Me, big old chicken of a girl got it done. Finally. I have really missed it. I first got it pierced when I went to Venezuela on a missions trip!! Good times, good times. So there you have it. News about Holly. I love you ALL


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