“I took her out….it was a Friday night….” A lyric from one of the greatest bands ever Blink 182!!! I told you guys I bought a book of their songs for bass. Well I have been practising like crazy with it and I’m getting pretty darn good. At least I think so! My mom came in my room last night and was like “was that you?” I was like duh! it was me. So anywho…I’m having fun with that.

This past Saturday I went to Disney Quest with Adam, Andy, Candy my mom and Cheryl F. What a blast. Well the second half of the day was. The first half was boring to me and Brooke. Me and her kicked some butt at DDR!! That is the only thing that people actually took turns with! We both had some fun in the Buzz Lightyear ride. Kind of exciting. Then the best ride of all there was Pirates of the Carribean. We had so much fun doing that! We must of done that ten times or more. Maybe. I was always the captain. Because I’m the best!! Candy kicked more butt with the cannons. You should’ve seen her on Sunday complaining about how much her hand hurt! Funny stuff.

We left there at eight? I don’t quite know. We went to Bennigans and had some food. Mike “the balloon guy” stopped by and he made Candace a sea horse and me a teddy bear in a heart. Good times, good times. He was quite a hottie! And he actually went to church. Somewhere up in Orlando. So our waiter, though was the slowest I’ve ever seen. Ever! It was worst than Poinciana’s Denny’s! That’s how bad it was. Bad.

Then on Sunday Brooke and me went to Christ Community in Winter Haven. We got there before Andy so we were eating a donut and standing and talking. (It’s amazing that I was able to do all that!) Well the youth minister/young adult minister came over and started talking to me and Candy. He looked at me and was like “Where’s your husband?” Refering to Andy. I was like “ummmm…..he’s not my husband. He’s dating my sister actually.” It was hilarious. He said sorry like a hundred times and I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought it was funny. After church we went to J’neas house to welcome her home and we swam a bit. Good times. John like had all the floaties at one time….it was weird. Anywho…..I think that’s it.

Oh, last night we went to Denny’s again but it was minus Adam and Danielle. So the four of us had a blast trying to find Nils’ room at FCC. We were asking random people and nobody knew him but finally we found him. Biggest quote from last night “Why don’t you go here? It’s the best place ever!” OHMYGOSH! Freshman! It was ridiculous. After the third person I started telling people I worshipped Satan. I’m just kidding. But boy that would’ve been funny!

Well I love you ALL


3 thoughts on “

  1. It sure would’ve been after they chained you to a telephone pole and started whipping you with a piece of raw steak.
    Henry F. Taranger
    Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Uncle, Great Uncle,
    Mercilessly destroyed by Radical Fundamentalists Trying to Bring Back Hinduism, (R.F.T.B.B.H) Details unknown.

    They never tell you the end of his obituary. (how do you spell it?) I sounded it out, but I don’t think you spell it how you sound it, if you know what I mean.
    I’m done for stupidity acts for the day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea, Tacoma’s are small, but the one truck I’m looking at has 38″ tires on it. It’s not raised like Michael’s but it’s still pretty big. It’s his sisters, I just don’t know if my parents are really gonna go for me getting a truck becasue they just spent all this money fixing up my z……we’ll have to wait and see.

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