“I’m too sexy for this song.” Andria and Diana had some fun singing this one this morning. I have it on film as I’m sure you all realize that since I record everything.

Our little slumber party last night was a blast. Andria and Diana were the only ones that came over besides me and Brooke but it was still good. We ate a bunch of pizza and breadsticks and we watched Saved. Kinda funny. Then we watched the last half of the Blair Witch. I wanted to show them when the kids were hitting the tent. After that we watched Heartbreakers. Candy and Andria fell asleep during it. Me and Diana didn’t even watch the whole thing. I told her how it ended (since she hadn’t watched it) and I turned it off and we went to sleep.

We woke up this morning at I don’t know when. It was funny though because John Dough, my kitty, wanted out of my room so I let him out and then I had to go to the bathroom. Well, as soon as I got back into my room, Candy got up and left and then eventually everyone woke up and we moved into the living room. We watched the beginning of the Blair Witch and then we did a little karoke!! It was soooo funny. Diana and Andria totally cremed the song “Pretty Fly for a White Guy.” I love that song! I think the highlight was when Candy and I sang “Summer Nights” from Grease. That was great!

So the girls left at noonish and later I took Brooke to church and now I’m back at home watching High Crimes with Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman and typing on here.

Can you believe it’s been a year since Hurricane Charley was here? I’m like shocked myself. I can’t belive it’s already been a year!! I miss those hurricanes. I don’t miss the damage but I had fun. Sticking my head out of my window while Candy, Kate, Drew, John and Mom were in the hallway. Good times!! Anywhoo…..So I’m going to quit here and finish up the movie. I love you ALL


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