“I did what I had to do to maintain the species. As I am forced to do again!” This is by far the comment that I have used to most. It’s from Underworld and “Victor” says it pretty much at the end. Good times. Candy just watched that a few days ago and we were talking about this quote.

So since I’ve used that one quite a few times on xanga I shall say something else: “I see clouds. White clouds.” Can you guess what movie Mady, Yasmin and me watched today? You can’t? Well I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “P” and ends in ocahontas!! I don’t really like that movie at all. I don’t really know why. Well I take that back I do know why. I mean Pocahontas just throws her love around like she’s down on OBT. I mean hello! She falls in love with John Smith, risks her life for him and then decides not to go back to England with him. Maybe poor old Johnny boy should’ve learned his lesson right there. But no. A few years go by, a group comes again and this time Pocahontas comes back with John Roalfe. (However you spell that name!) And guess what? She falls in love with him and marries him. Hello!?! Poor John Smith. I just don’t understand it all. It’s craziness.

On to more interesting topics. Last night we went to Denny’s. Good times. Definately good times. Candy got to meet Danielle; Adam’s girlfriend. We laughed and laughed some more and then we complained about our slow waitress and then we laughed again. Candace threw a spoon at me. Don’t belive me? I have it on film. Oh yeah. I was video recording her when she did it!! Then Adam started laughing so hard he was wheezing! Remember when he used to end up on the floor laughing so hard we all that he was going to pass out?? That was some fun! So we had fun, you could say. We didn’t get home till eleven thirty but it was worth it.

I woke up at freakin’ seven am and I forgot why I had set my alarm so early. I tell ya, my memory sucks!! I took a shower, I remembered eventually why I was up! and I got out the door a little earlier than normal but I still ended up at Javiers at the same time. Go figure. Anywho…..Baby Jay (that’s what we call him) is here today and he’s starting to get a little fussy so I’m going to go and give him a bottle. Because that seems to help! It’s time for one anyway…..Gotta GO
I love you ALL


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