“Breathe…….Just Breathe.” I do not know who sings that but that song has been in my head all week. I really do not know why! It’s kind of annoying now because out of nowhere I’ll start singing it or humming it. Craziness!! I’m a weirdo. I know it!

Yesterday was Wednesday and it felt totally strange to not go to church last night. I know we wouldn’t have had anything anyway but still it was weird. Does that make sense? Well to me it does, so if it doesn’t to you; oh well! Last night though me and John, and Nils and Brock and David Adam went to Denny’s over by the college. We have to keep our tradition alive! It was interesting because it was just us. We just talked and talked. About everything really. Learned some interesting things that happened to some people (you know who you are and what we all learned!) I think the funniest thing was when we were paying to leave and were all up by the cash register and Adam, I think told John he was gay or something to that effect and the cashier was like “ok.” It was funny because we all turned to her and were like “were joking.” It was funny. One of those “you had to be there” times!

I’ve been staying at Becky’s house for the week and it’s really gone slow and flown by all at the same time. Is that possible? Well it is for me now!! I’ve watched like five movies and swam everyday. That pool is too cool. I love pools. (I feel like that retarded guy in Anchorman who says “I love lamp!”) I’m going to go swimming when I get back there again today. Yippee! If I ever get to leave here!! (Today is dragging on for me.)

The other day I was waiting for my mom to get done with work so I went to that Christian book store by the 99cent store. It’s right by the Pet Supermarket and Staples or whatever that store is. Anywho…..I went in to kill some time but they were having a sale and there were 50% off signs everywhere. It was a dream come true. A sale! Hee, hee. So I was looking at this book table and I saw this book about decisions Christians should make about abortions and euthanasia and tough stuff like that. So I bought it and it was a buck and I took it back to Becky’s and I’m reading it and it’s pretty darn interesting. Not that I”m learning alot but it makes you think and that’s groovy!  I got another book but I don’t remember the name of that one. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for another post about it when I start to read it. I’m sure your on the edge of your seats waiting for it now aren’t you?

Well I guess I’ve bored you enough today. I love you ALL


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