“Were going to party like it’s 1669!……….Livin’ in an Amish Paradise.”
I was watching this music video the other day and I was thinking about it again today.

Isn’t life complicated sometimes? I mean it’s crazy. It’s like the guy at CIY said about money. We get a job to get a car and then we have to work the job so we can pay for the car. It’s just crazy. Life is vicious.

We should all just go and be Amish. Their a peaceful group. So they don’t have cars. I think we could all live without cars. I mean if we all drove buggies we wouldn’t have to yell at all the slow ones because we would all be going to same speed, right?

My grandma lives in a small town in Indiana and a few miles down the road there’s an amish settlement. It’s pretty groovy I guess. It just reminds me of simplicity and peace. The Amish do have some strict rules though. But, they’ve survived this long with them so I guess it’s all good. Now, don’t worry. I’m not converting to Amishness! I’m just writing out what I’m feeling as of right now.

Totally different topic. The other day I caught the last half of “The People VS. Larry Flynt.” It was actually very interesting. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I’d like to see the first half of it. Maybe that half sucks and that would ruin my opinion of the movie? Well anywho…. I just wanted to say that the story was good. Even if Larry Flynt is disgusting the story was good. That’s all.

I started this myspace thingy too for reasons that escape me now. http://www.myspace.com/HollyDepp

I love you ALL


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  1. Who said your comment hurt me? You’re not me so you wouldn’t know. And I got a call saying the Coley’s was cancelled. So then no one called to tell me it was still on. And I wouldn’t have had a ride home anyways since no one likes to drive me.

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