“Wanted: Two chicks and a pimp!”

That was written on a sign for Candace, Christina and Adam. Nils held it as they came out of the airport gate area. Me, mom, Christina’s mom, Kayte, Diana, Javier, Joanne, the girls, Nils, John and Drew were there to meet them all. Every group that came by we were like “where are you guys coming from?” They looked at us weird and said Dallas, and Miami and then finally the three came and we all spotted them and mom is like screaming. Craziness!

So tonight were having a cookout so we can all see the pictures that they took. It could be a long night!! If your reading this and you haven’t heard about it come on over. The more the merrier.

July 4th is coming up and I can’t wait!! That is like my favorite family holiday. We all spend it together and it’s so much fun. We usually always go and see the fireworks. Last year we were sitting so close ash was falling on us. Good times, good times!

Well my mind is drawing a blank. What a shocker!?! Well I’ll see most of you tonight. I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My dog is terrified all weekend, so I don’t like 4th of July that much. The fireworks terrify him and he always cowers in the corner and I feel sorry for him so I have to like, be there to comfort him and thus I can’t like, do other stuff.

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