“Why did you throw the map away? Why?”
“I needed something to put my gum in!”

Just a little itsy bitsy bit of CIY memories for ya. That’s from me and Diana as were making a re-make of the Blair Witch Project with Stephanie and Jen. Good times, good times!

I have to say that for me personally this is the best CIY I have ever been to. Honestly. I’m totally not even joking. Even though I’m not a huge fan of Milligan it was the best. Wow, there is just sooo much to say, I don’t know where to begin.

Sunday: We take off and the girls turn into the “playaz club” and we learn the “tootsie roll!” Ate at Chili’s and watched some golf. Got to the church and played a kickbutt game of basketball. Well, many games! Maybe too many? Anywho….we know who’s violent and who can’t play!!

Monday: John woke up way way too early and woke everybody else up. Him and Nils cracked me up with their Lord of the Rings/Star Wars battle. Good times. I’m rooming with Andria, Stephanie and Jacqueline. Yeah! Went to Wally World and got a butt load of snacks. First night of Celebration rocked! Foundation Red is really groovy. After His Time us girls have our own bonding and then when we got Diana, Jen and Kayte out of our room we got the tape out!! We taped their door with clear tape. It was funny. I don’t think it was great but I had forgotten my IcyHot at home!!

Tuesday: Breakfast at seven? Kiss my butt! I slept in; well tried to. Jacqueline cleaned our room before she left to eat!! Very disturbing. Anywho…I taught D-Group today thinking it would be my only day teaching. Bone, this comedian idiot, came today and since I don’t like black humor it was boring. I think though that he didn’t want me to record him. During free time us girls went back to our dorm (in hope of a nap!) but we ended up talking which was groovy. Everything rocked! After girl bonding me and Steph, and Andria stayed up past one talking. Scooby-Dooby-Doo.

Wednesday: Even though breakfast was later today I slept in again. Got up just in time to make it there. Worshiped, listened to Fritz. I think he’s a good speaker. Went to D-Group, which I taught again. Scary stuff. During free time I went and played ultimate frisbee with Javier and Ryan and some kids from other church’s. Good times. Met John, a youth minister who needs some prayers, but who was, in my and Diana’s opinion a hottie! Got some pictures of him. We represented PCC and kicked some OHIO butt!! Oh, we met Zach that day too who Diana thought was also cute! John got slushie on his butt and wasted too much of my tape on random crap! Celebration was groovy. I love Christmas music! I’m going to get my CD’s out now. Well when I get home. Once we had our girl bonding time, my Steph, Diana and Jen made our little Blair Witch spoof. Good times. Good times. We stayed up way way too late but boy did we have fun!!!

Thursday: Still teaching D-Group. I’m having fun with it. But are you kids really listening?? I don’t remember anything really sticking out today except something that I’m not going to write about. Oh! um, we took group pictures today. I think they look super! That was some fun: Nils! Walk like a model! Good times.

Friday: Last day! Boo-hoo. The “This is Me” skits were great. I’ve had a blast. At Celebration I tell Javier this is the best CIY and what  perfect ending and then all of a sudden Foundation Red starts “Dance in the River!” What amazing times?! We didn’t get to sleep till 12:15 which actually was the earliest any of us had gotten to sleep!!

Saturday: The alarm clock goes off at four am. Is it really morning? We pack up and we all, except Jen take our bags out. We go back up to the door to get the rest of our stuff and we realize the door to the dorm has locked. So we had to wait a few minutes for Jen to come unlock it for us!! Once we were under way I made the girls listen to BOND. It’s classical music with an edge. Good stuff! They all fell asleep except Steph I believe. Once they all woke up we listened to everything else. Did Tootsie Roll so many times I will never ever forget it. Not even if I wanted to!! Got to the church and after everyone left and me and John are waiting for my parents to get out of church that we finally relaxed! My mom and dad wanted to go to Sonny’s so we did and then we finally got home at nine. I wanted to watch my tapes that I had made and we did. So I didn’t get to go to sleep till 12:15 again. And then I woke up at eight am on Sunday. I miss my sleep.

I love you ALL
I’m anxiously awaiting Wednesday night. (Blair Witch is coming…..dun, dun. Dun, dun!!)


4 thoughts on “

  1. hey big and meaty holly hill…lol…,
    Man I had sooooo much at CIY i am sooo glad that i was able to go and experience it. I am glad that i got to bond with you and get to know you better. The memories that I made a CIY i will never ever forget. And i cant wait to watch  the blair witch on wed…it will be like a hollywood premire…lol.

  2. LOL. I had a great time at CIY too. Thank you for helping make this the best CIY so far. I am glad that I got to know you better… I’ll never forget the Blair Witch Project.
    lv always,
    ~jen-aka Awesome Blossom~

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