“From the hardcourt, to the gridiron, to the hills of Hawaii.” This is from that new Gatorade commercial. I am sooo in love with it right now. It plays House of The Rising Sun at the very begining. And it has the guy twirling the fire batons around. I love that song. My mom plays it on the piano all the time. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Tomorrow we leave for CIY. Isn’t everybody excited? I am. We got the Expeditions and that is way exciting. I can’t wait. We picked the SUV’s up last night. Good times, good times!

Tally is going to miss me soooo much while I’m gone. I’m going to miss her. I’m going to miss my mommy too. But I’ll be having a blast so I won’t have time to miss either one!!

I cleaned my room today and I put all my CD’s where they go. What a challenge! Now I have to go through them and pick out the ones that I want to take with me. That’ll be a task in itself. I’m taking my big CD case so it’ll be interesting. I’m sure it’ll all work out good.

Well I love you ALL


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