In lieu of missing Johnny Depps birthday and not writing on it I will quote him saying: “Elizabeth, it never would of worked!” Dunh if you don’t know where this quote came from. Pirates of the Carribean which I haven’t seen in eons it feels like. That was such a good movie. I need to get it off my shelf and dust if off and pop it in the old DVD player. Yes indeedy.

Well, CIY is only three days away. I can’t wait. I’m sure it’ll be great and wonderful. I’m praying for the Tahoes over the Durango’s!! I love the Dodge Durango but the 2005’s are sooo ugly. Have you seen them? Have you seen the old ones? Then you know what I’m talking about. Definately.

Today I helped Javier and John and Andy and Drew with the church’s yard work. Ohmygosh! I hate manual labor. Why did I say I would help? I’m like the laziest girl in the world. Indeed. But all in all it didn’t look too bad when we were done. I had to hall butt back to my house and take a shower before other work. I made it on time. I’m like sore though already and I’m really scared about tomorrow because I’m sure it’ll be worse!

It’s only 2 pm and I’m ready to go home and catch some more zzzzz’s. Well, I love you ALL


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  1. Holly let me tell you… are amazing, not only do you like the Pontiac Aztec but I totally full heartedly agree with the sheer uglyness of the 2005 Durango, a few years ago it was my dream car, now they can keep it! That is sooo awesome. Thank you for cheering me up with the old people statement, it quite possibly could be true, even though it doesn’t justify their actions. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. I hope things are going well…sounds like you had fun with the physical labor…gardening , definetly not my thing. Have fun at CIY, this is my first year that I am not going, we are going to Summer in the Son instead, it should be interesting. Sorry I write so much! Talk to ya later! Tell everyone I said Hi! 

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