“Rain, rain. Go away. Come again another day.” I don’t really know where this song originated but I was looking this song up and it was intersting. There was this guy who sang it and his name was Bobby Vinton or something like that. The song was really sad. It chronicled a boy’s life meeting this girl, dating her, going away to college and then she breaks up with him. Kinda sad.

The rain will not stop!! I cannot believe it. It has been raining all week. I guess the meteorologists were right for once! Well Tom Terry is always right. (If you don’t understand that comment, then it must be an inside joke.)

It’s been a slow day. I watched The Devil’s Advocate today. I absolutely love that movie. Al Pacino as Satan is as good as Morgan Freeman as God!! It’s sooo powerful and it’s sooo true. It is rated R for a Reason though! I just bought it last night. (I heard Andy bought some DVD’s so I had to buy some to catch up with him!!) I actually got a few. They were cheaper than five dollars at WalMart yesterday. So I got that one and a few of the Lethal Weapon movies. I thought about the Bone Collector but I thought I had enough already. I’ll save that for another day.
OH! Funny thing. I was buying them and the cashier guy (who looked 15; maybe he was!) asked to see my ID because I was buying a rated R movie!! It was sooo funny because my mom was right next to me and she was all like “oooooh Holly, your getting carded!” It was funny. Just wanted to share!

I put my cameracorder in layaway yesterday as well. I can’t wait to get it out. I will definately have it by CIY. You can count on that. I want to record everything!!!
Well, I love youALL


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  1. There were some carpenter ants in my parents bathroom, that got in through the sky light from the palm tree outside and to be safe the got the chemicals and set off bug bombs, they like to be really safe.  That is so funny that your Mom did that, I remember when I was 12 and 13 buying rated R movies and they never checked, now I get carded all the time. Hope your summer is going great! Catch ya later!

  2. Hey Holly
    Team America is a bad movie. not bad as in it sucks, but content-wise. its EXTREMELY funny, so if u like to laugh, i reccomend it. lol
    – some call me “Nick”

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