Today I thought I would dive back into the archives and see what’s back there. This is what I found for June 1st, 2004: 

“A diversion.” Wow. That’s all I can say about that. Well not really. I can say alot and I will but first I’ll tell you who said that. For all you Lord of the Rings fans you know who said it so this is for the other 99%. Orlando Bloom a.k.a. Legolas says that in the last, thank you Jesus(I raised my hand there!), movie Return of the King. Can you believe people actually think he can act!?!?! I mean ok so you think he’s a cutie? Well I’ll give you that. Only a little though becuase I just don’t see it! So for me he can’t act and he doesn’t look good. A double whamy! Orlando Bloom is to me like Kate Beckinsale is to Candy! Even in Pirates….the boy can’t act. I haven’t seen Troy but my moneys on him doing a horrible job! So there you go. I said my part. I gave you my two cents. You don’t like it? Tough luck buddy….this is MY site. Not yours!

I just thought it was funny because we were just laughing about Orlando Bloom the other day and zippidy-doo-da here it is again!

I’m at my other job today. I got to sleep in so that is always great. Waking up at six thirty sucks! So I woke up today at like nine. If you don’t know, I’m working with Nancy Bradds; helping her while she’s taking some more classes. I’m basically a secretary. I’m answering phones, showing people the model and answering questions as best as I can. Sometimes boring, I will admit. I get to play online when nobody is around which is alot of the time.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I’m not sure precisely but I’m really ready for it to be here. Really, really. Well I love you ALL


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  1. Hey Holly wanted to say high. And that I agree with you on the bloom thing. how is every thing there? realy missing you all. Tell John he needs to pop some no-dose the day after I get back because we aint resting until the show is done.

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