“Do I look different?” This was Jessica Williams (name changed to protect the innocent!) last night at a Mary Kay party. It was hilarious because she had just tried this product that is supposed to give you this healthy glow look and I really couldn’t tell a difference so I was like “ohmygosh! You look sooooo much more beautiful!” Funny stuff. I got me some good old foundation. I love their foundation. My mom says it’s the same as any old stuff but I just don’t think so! I used to have some and I used to wear it at Disney but then some idiot wanted it more than me and they stole it from me! Can you believe that? I”m still fuming over that one!

So anywho…..if you’ve read John’s site you know that I was on a boat Monday. Good times, good times. I tried to water ski. Tried. Did not do well, let’s just say. Better than somebody else that went with us but I won’t say who. I didn’t get burned like I noramlly do and that was great. Andy did and it’s kinda my fault because I was the back-butterer-upper! I missed his love handles and his neck. Whatever. He’ll live.

Afterwards we all went back to my house where we cooked out. We sat outside on our back porch and chilled and then we went inside and decided to watch Star Wars. We wanted the DVD (how selfish of us!) so me, Drew and John headed off to BlockBuster to get it. We stopped by Wally World because Drew wanted to bleach his hair before camp. So we got the dye, got to Blockbuster and realized they didn’t have it so we went and got the tapes from Drew’s house and then we went back to my house. So were watching it and I’m dyeing Drew’s hair. Good times. Good times. I think everyone left before Star Wars was over. I’m going to have to go home and watch it again now just because I didn’t finish it and since I’m sooooo OCD (John!) that I have to finish it!

Ya know a couple of updates ago I wrote about Kylie Manogue and that one song. Well I got a comment from this one guy and he said that she had breast cancer. I checked up on it and she does. She just had surgery to remove it. Pray for her guys. I’m sure that’s not fun.

One other thing. The same guy (I subscribed to his site) had something really awesome on his site today. It was all about Till Death Do Us Part. Great stuff. Go to his site. It’s great: moose_max

Here’s an entry about life & loyalty.

I was out in the back yard tonight, looking over my pathetic lawn.  I looked up and saw a family of mourning doves…two juveniles and an adult (let’s call her Mom; Dad was probably off having a beer with his buddies).

They sat very still, so I got my digital camera and took a couple of pictures…

Here’s Mom with one of the kids:

And here’s the other, all by his lonesome (actually, just a few feet away).


You may not know it, but mourning doves mate for life. 

A few years ago, I had a pair of doves hanging around my back yard.  I noticed that one of them wasn’t flying too well, but the mate stayed with it.  This went on for several days.

Then one day I went into the back, and the bird moved, but didn’t fly off.  I left it in peace, because I suspected that it didn’t have long to live.  Still, the mate remained very close.

The next day, I noticed that the bird had died. 

I wrapped it in an old handkerchief, and buried it along the back fence line.

For three days, the mate kept coming back to the spot where the other had last been alive.  It was as though it felt incomplete without the other bird. 

How can you not be moved by that kind of devotion?  I have to admit, I cried–not for the bird that died as much as for the mate, now facing life alone for the first time in who knows how long.

We humans take a vow, “Till death us do part,” but too often we don’t really mean it.  Doves take no vows, but have something to teach us nonetheless. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If only we could get the whole world to realize that. Heck, I would even say the church (not just ours but all fo them). I’ve been told that the divorce rate in the church is the same of that of the rest of the wrold. It’s a shame.
    Anyways, why si ti that every time you update I wind up going to your site? lol.

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