Quote of the day: “You lick his ear.” Said to me at Andy’s house when Drew fell asleep. John told me this after I said we should do something to him. Were thinking sharpie drawings and some fingernail polish will do just fine!!! Good times. I’ll have to update later on how things went with that.

John is on an all Gatorade diet at this particular moment. If you don’t know why; you don’t want to know! Believe me.

We are watching this silly basketball game on tv. I don’t really want to watch it but with three guys I don’t think I have a choice.

Have you guys seen that stupid Burger King commercial with Darth Vader and the stupid Burger King guy? That is some dumb stuff! All you hear is their breathing. It doesn’t make me want to eat there any more or any less. But anywho……

I love you ALL


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