“It’s a Festivus Miracle!!” That’s from an episode of Seinfeld that I love a whole bunch. But Candace said that this morning when she came out of her room. She was looking for something and I guess she found it. I can’t really remember exactly why she said it but I said that I was gonna use it as my quote for the day!

So the day has been anything other than a miracle!! I woke up at the regular time of six twenty and got dressed and ready with mom and Candace and we went to the bus stop. I took my bike because I wanted to ride today. So I see the bus coming and I see that it looks like their is a bike already on there. Now the bus can fit two bikes and as the bus gets closer I see that their is two bikes!! Bummer. That means that I have to ride my bike all the way back to our house and wait for the next one. So I ride home, call Javier and tell him the crappy news and then I eat some toast. (Mom had made some and I didn’t want any then.) So I’m like, I’m not gonna sit around. I can probaly ride pretty far during my time to wait for the bus. So I start out and I make it to Doverplum and Cypress Parkway and there’s the next bus. But I’m like I’ve started already so I’ll keep going.

So I kept going and I finally sat down to wait. I mean my butt was sooo numb I didn’t know if it was still there or not! So I waited and waited and the bus was obviously running late so when it finally got to the stop where I was there was already two bikes on there. So I feel like crap and I know Javier wanted me there on time so he could get his work done. So instead of stewing over it I hopped on my bike, turned MC LARS up real loud and took off towards Javier’s house. So I rode all the way to Javier’s house today on my bike!! Go Holly!! Un-hunh, un-hunh. Un-hunh, un-hunh, un-hunh! (Think Emperor’s New Groove!) I made it finally and me and Taylar and Mady have been cleaning so far. Taylar think’s it is fun so who am I to tell her that cleaning is one of the worst jobs ever!?!

Tonight were going to Suzi’s house for a bbq and games. I can’t wait. It’ll be a blast I’m sure. Suzi’s sooo funny, so is Stephanie C. It’ll be fun! Yeah!

Ok, the BIGGEST news of all!! Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. If you can read this you are all invited to my birthday party Saturday night at my house at five till whenever. (not too late because I have to get my beauty sleep!!) Yippee Skippee. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. What have I accomplished in this year?? Well whatever it is I can’t remember. So Happy early Birthday to me. I got my first b-day card in the mail yesterday from my grandma. I’m sooo excited.

Well I will leave you at that. I hope you read my five paragraphs!! I know it’s tough for you guys!! I love you ALL!


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  1. Happy Birthday I hope it is a great one! My trip was amazing and exausting it was non stop! And I got to go to Abbey Road… I was in heaven ! My life is almost complete I can die happy (lol). Now I am just waiting for my credit card bill…ugh! Yes, I do believe David told me about your love of Scooby Doo. I am a complete fanatic, I don’t think it is possible to get any worse, but hey I’m ok with that. Well I hope your day is great and thanks for remembering me ! Happy Birthday again!

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