“I know it’s up for me……If you steal my sunshine.” The group Len sand that in 1999. One hit wonders. But it was a good one hit for them. The radio stations all over played that along with the video on VH1. I think it was on the top 20 all summer long. The video wasn’t that great but I liked the song. Anywho…. the reason I have that song on my mind is because I bought this CD yesterday and it was on it. The CD was The 90’s Pop Hits. It’s actually three CD’s and there’s only a few songs off each CD that I like. But it’s all good. It’s like strolling down memory lane with each song I hear. Hmmmm. Remember when……

Yeah, anywho. Monday was skate night and I sweated like a madwoman! It always feels like I haven’t skated in months when in actuality it has only been one month. Blah. Before we got to the skating rink it was quite an adventure. I was at Javiers watching the girls and Drew and John were over there too. Javier got home and we all went with Javier to the bank and then on the way back to Javier’s house we see this UPS truck and I was like “Hey Javier, do you now him?” (Because if you know Javier, everytime he sees a UPS truck he goes into his life story about all of that.) Javier says yes and his name is John or Nick or whatever. I’m like “yeah right.” So Javier turns the van around and chases this guy all over Kissimmee waiting for him to stop so he can ask him. Long story shorter than what it could be, he says Javier’s name is Javier and that he was the best loader he’s ever had. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So we get back to Javier’s house, eat and then we leave for skate night. Groovy time. Had fun. Mady and Taylar stole the show though. They were awesome! Little Mady trying to skate around. It was funny!

So Tuesday comes around and I babysit for Javier, as normal. (Well, Candy and me and Drew went to the mall but nothing exciting happened.) He comes home, cuts the grass and then we leave, with John to go pick up some paint. We get the paint and go over to Joannes office where Andrew is coming too and we start touching up all the touch ups we made last time. Except this time we use the right color of paint!! We painted for awhile and then we went to Fat Boys. Not a huge fan, I don’t really like their chicken. Anywho….we go back to the office and finish up all the touch ups; well I do really. I was the only one working. Well, ok, I wasn’t the only one, but I was the BEST!!! So there John and Andrew! We didn’t get done till midnight I think John said and that was hilarious because I didn’t even feel like it was midnight. Crazy. 

Oh minor note from working at Joannes office. I will be getting my MC LARS CD this weekend and then I can play it for everybody. Alright Nils?

Today’s Wednesday and it has been bad already. It’s only one eighteen and I’m exhausted. I woke up way way too early and when I did finally get up out of bed I dragged myself into the living room and read a little bit until Mady came into the living room. Javier and Joanne and Taylar left and Mady and I chilled. Watched SpongeBob; which was a new episode that I hadn’t seen. After that Mady smacked me for something and I sent her to her room. I went to check on her when she got quiet to tell her to come out but she had fallen asleep on her bed. It was soo cute. Xavier got here late today and he has been sooo clingy. Yuck! I don’t want to pick him up but he’s down there hanging onto my feet for dear life.  So I woke Mady up at ten fifteen and she and Xavier played in the play room while I cleaned up the living room a little bit. I went back into the play room and as soon as Xavier saw me he started crying to be picked up and then Mady is raising her hands up to me and saying “pick up Holly!” I’m like “AAAAAAAGGGGGH!”

So they are both asleep now and I’m writing here. I’m sure the day will get longer for me. Oh, side note. Yesterday I was at Target before we picked up Taylar from school and I bought this book called Jumping The Shark. It’s all about history how tv shows, politics, sports, etc have “jumped the shark.” Which means the moment things start going downhill on a show or something like when someone on a show gets married or has a baby.

Anywho I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    As far as being talked about on the way home on Monday, if I sounded snooty or anything when I wrote that, it soo wasn’t meant that way. I mean, if I had seen that between any one else, I would have had questions too. So sorry if it came accross the wrong way in anyway. See you soon I hope.

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