“The IMac, Ipod IGeneration…….Talking about the IGeneration. Hey, your part of the…..Talking about the IGeneration.” Go to MCLARS.com. Do it now! Go to the audio and click on IGeneration and listen to it. I’m serious! I’m in love with this song. I’ve had it in my head for the whole week. http://www.mclars.com

See this MCLars guy was the opening, opening act for Bowling For Soup whom I saw last Thursday. Groovy. He rocked. (I bought his CD but left it at Becky’s!) His music video is awesome is great too. Both of them. He reminds me of Andy who has this game on his PS that you can make music. I can not get enough of MCLars. Yeah! Did you go to the website yet?? (I think I drove my mom nuts yesterday telling her about him!) When, or if you watch his video is that not the greatest. Well I know it’s not the greatest, but it’s pretty groovy. I think he moves around like Nils, what do you guys think? I love you Nils.

Well Wednesday is already here and it feels like the weekend to me. Does it feel like “hump day” to anybody else? I feel like it’s Friday or Saturday. Anywho…..This weekend is rapidly coming upon us and that can only mean one thing!! Toby Mac and Audio A in concert at Cypress Gardens! Yeah! I’m really psyched to go because both of their last concerts I went to were awesome.

Xavier is over today and he looks sooo cute with his hair cut. Well, he looks like a boy at least! He’s been kinda crabby today though. He didn’t want to eat all of his lunch which consisted of peas, bread and itsy bitsy pieces of hot dog. Yummy, hunh? Anywho…

Last night I got home at like eight, if that. I called somebody and then after that I started watching Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. I only watched barely half of it; because I need my sleep. Before I went to bed I saw the part where he sings “What’s this?” That song rocks. My favorite line in it is “There’s children throwing snow, instead of throwing heads!” This movie was great and if Johnny Depp played the voice of Jack it would have been sooo much better! But it’s still good. Ya know what though? I like it but I don’t like like it. Do you know what I mean? I mean like I’m not one of those freaks who shops at Hot Topic for everything Nightmare Before Christmas and stuff like that. I just enjoy the movie immensely.

Well I shall go now. Cheerio! I love you ALL


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  1. Hey Holly thanks for your comment It really gave me some insight…..But I do talk to new people. But whenever I try to talk to them they seem all nervous and its hard cuz Im afriad that I’ll scare them because Im so outgoing and loud.Thats why I dont normally sit with them. And I do try to branch out…..Im just not in the inner circle that shouldn’t be there.You know what Im saying? And Im not gonna sit here and talk about certain people but there is an “inner circle” in our youth group.And quite a few people are left out. Its just been bothering me for a while…..

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