“It’s a beautiful day.” This is from U2’s song “Beautiful Day.” Dunh! How cool is U2? I mean their guitarist is named The Edge and the lead singer’s name is Bono! I mean hello, does that not sound like a groovy band? Well, I don’t care if you don’t like them, I do!

I have a confirmed report that I will be watching some little house that I previously watched this month! Let me tell you I am just a little excited! I cannot wait! I’m not going to sleep at ALL this time! It’s champagne and cavier dreams for me!

Last night I helped Javier out at Joanne’s office painting some touch up’s. Since it was like ten I just spent the night at their house and I woke up at like seven this morning. Mainly because I heard a little baby crying. So I thought it might be like, you know, eight o’clock or something. Nope! It was seven. So I got up and five minutes later the phone rings and it’s John. He’s lost in Disney and needs my help in getting to the place he needs to be. So I’m glad I actually got out of bed and came in the living room. Because without my expert advice he would’ve gotten even more loss than what he was.

Anywho, that’s about it. I love you ALL


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