“This is for all the lonely people….” Forgive today’s entry. I’m being a weepy baby! A break does not mean forever.

So This weekend was groovy. Not really enough to write about. Sunday we went to Sonny’s where I sat next to Jaqueline and she told this story about Disney and Christina gave her 8 spoons!! If you know what I mean; hee hee. Her story wasn’t that bad but it was funny. Not long after that Jaqueline left. Interesting.

We had Bible Club Sunday night and that was groovy. Pray for us, because we as a whole need it! Pray for the tv and vcr and a member of our group that they will be alright. Oh and pray for me because now I have to go and buy Stephanie a new pen because I broke hers!

Well, I guess that is my life. Sa La Vie.
I love you ALL


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  1. Pen thing – not an issue…buy yourself a piece of bubble gum instead (I have always wanted to say that…just thought it fit right there – maybe not)…Have a good day!

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