Today, there is no quote. Well not in words. I’m going to paint you a picture. Close your eyes. Wait a second, you can’t do that. Open you eyes. Ok, here we go: You know that show “King of the Hill?” Well, if you don’t; you are missing out on alot! But anywho….If you don’t there are four best friends on the show and they stand outside at night and drink beer. (I know, I know. If your having an issue with the beer, pretend it was coke!) Ok, this one guy always wears a hat and one day he took it off and he has like three strands of hair on his head. Just remember that as you read.

This past Saturday after sleeping in till eight thirty! I went to my mom’s room because Tally had ran in there and my mom was home. I was shocked for a second because I thought she had to work but apparently she didn’t have to. So I showed her all the cool things that I had bought at Claire’s on Friday and she painted her toenails. She told me that when my dad got home we were going to help someone move something. So my dad got home and we helped them move something and then we went to Denny’s where we got the most horrible service ever. (Not that I was shocked since I frequent there.)

We then went to Wal Mart where my mind was working overtime! I came to the conclusion: I HAVE GRAY HAIR! My hair color is prematurely gray! I almost cried as I told my mom of my discoveries. How did I come to this conclusion. Well I shall tell you. My mom dyes her hair (the cats out of the bag now!) and all these years I’ve never realized that she dyes it becaue her hairs gray! So I was asking her about my grandma, and she was telling me that my grandma’s hair changed when she was younger too.

AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I’m too young to have gray hair!! I was telling peole that my hair coming in just looked gray against my red. But alass, it is not so! It is actually gray hair. I’m sure Wednesday night I will have a line to see my gray hair. Blah! I can’t even write anymore. Woe is me!!
I love you ALL


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    i figured it would be a good mini vacation for you – it is beautiful over there!! spoil the dogs – they are the equivalent of her children…and they are treated better than any other human being I know 🙂 – have fun Holly!

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