“Maria Hee….Maria Who….Maria Ha….Maria Ha Ha!” What a song! Andy gave me the CD at youth group and I have listened to it non-stop. Well, not actually, but close! If you haven’t heard this song, you need to find me immediately and hear it.

I thought I would just write a quick little entry while Mady is still sleeping. Nothing is on tv (isn’t that funny? with hundreds of channels and I can’t find anything!). I finished my book so I’ll have to wait till Sunday to get another one. So I decide to write.

There really isn’t anything new since I wrote last. I don’t think so anyway. I am working today, obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing! Tonight, hopefully, we’ll be going putt-putting but we’ll see how that works out. I kinda want to get out and do something. I feel bored but I’m not really. Does that make sense? Does anything I say make sense? (don’t answer that!) Anywho…I am ready for summer. Aren’t you? Well, actually I’m not totally excited about summer, I just want fall to come back so we can get our hour back!!! I miss that hour of sleep!

Anywho again, I love you ALL


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