“My Redeemer lives!” I got Nicole C. Mullen’s CD weeks ago and I am just now listening to it. Honestly I thought I would cry everytime I heard that song but I’m not. I teared up a little first time I heard it again.

 I think everybody knows the story of the Hoyt’s by now. If not ask someone who went to CIY with us. I was thinking of them as I walked to Javier’s house today. I was listening to that song and just totally feeling it. Understand? Well I guess it’s kinda hard to explain. But it was like, you just know God’s there with you. I was praying for the Hoyt’s and everybody and I just felt so rejuvenated. It was good.

Anywho……I’m getting a bike this weekend. John wants to start working out again and he thinks biking is the way to go so I told him I would do it with him. See, many moons ago I used to run everyday. Many, many moons ago. And Johnny-Boy would say that he was going to come and jog with me but not once did he come. (Well, we may have jogged at night once.) So this Friday I will be picking up my baby at Wally-World. I’m kinda excited but I’m a little nervous too. I am going to be soooo sore from it. Ouch! I can just feel the pain I’m going to be in already.

Monday night was skate night and to those that went: I love you guys! (Steph, Kayte) I had a blast. It’s been a few months since we went skating. I think we missed the past two months so I thought I would be extremely sore but I woke up yesterday and I was like, Wow! I feel fine. It was cool, and yet a little scary. Hello? I was skating like a mad woman about to fall most of the night and I’m not sore. Interesting. This morning I woke up and I felt like I had roller-bladed all night! I don’t want to move, let alone skate ever again!! I know I’ll change that toon next month around this time!

Yesterday my mom called me up and said that dad was taking the truck into to get the brakes fixed. I was like, ok, what are we going to do. Most of you now that the truck is our one and only little vehicle in this world. So I got home at five something and the truck was gone so I was like, where did it go. Dad pulled up like five minutes later and he said he was going to need help changing the brakes. Well he had actually already changed the brake pads, he really just needed my help with bleeding the brakes. So while dad’s doing something with the back brakes the trash men come. We have a butt load, and I mean a humungous, amount of trash out there. So dad told me to go get the guys some water and help them load up the trash. So I ran inside and grabbed some bottle water. (I grabbed the Aquafina because Candace likes that water and noone else does! Isn’t that mean?) I gave it to them and I started to pick up a bag and the guy, he was sooo funny, said that he couldn’t allow me to do that because of lawsuits and all that. Which I know isn’t true because my dad’s helped them before when we’ve had a big amount of trash. So anywho….my weeks going peachy.
I love you ALL


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  1. Every single time I read your site, this song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day! I went to a Blink concert feeling all young and cool, and then this girl that was there called me “ma’am” while asking for a lighter…took the “young and cool” right out of it…OH well…:)

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