“I’m a wannabe…..wannabe gangster.” That’s from some song on the New Guy soundtrack. I told Nils it reminds me of him! I’m just kidding Nils.

Well, let’s see. You all know we went to the beach last Thursday. I thought that was fun! I can’t wait to go again (yeah right). Then on Friday we went to the Magic vs. Wizards game. That was great. Of course the Magic lost but what did you expect? Anywho….the concert was awesome. Almost as good as Toby Mac. But not quite!

Saturday I chilled with mom in town and then I chilled at home. I had a fantastic time all by myself.  Then on Sunday after church, Steph, me, Drew and David Adam went to Little Ceasers and had the best time ever. It was sooo fun. It was great. Later on me and Adam went to Drew’s house and hung out till we had to go to bible study. After bible study we went back to Drew’s house so we could watch Wrestlemania 21!

That was awesome. I cannot believe some of the things that happened. It was great. I was jumping up and down all night. I couldn’t sit still for long. You guys should’ve seen it…..The Undertaker! The Big Show in a sumo match. So much fun!! Great times. BOO! To those, and they know who they are, that decided to not come very last minute. HOW RUDE!! It ticks me off when people say there going to do something, be somewhere, and then flip flop and change their minds……whatever. I’m still p.o.-ed.

Onto better things! Mady went pee-pee in the potty again! Yeah. So there’s my day in a nutshell! I love you ALL


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