“Bob! It’s time to intervene!!” Elastigirl says that during the dinner scene in the Incredibles. One of the two movies that Taylar and Mady got from the Easter Bunny.The other one was Bambi. I despise that movie. I can’t stand it. I hate every little part about it. Of course Taylar loves it and wants to watch it all the time. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!

I have another quote. It’s given by Candy so I’m sure it ranks right up there with the best of them! “It isn’t official until it’s on Xanga!” The reason for that quote is because I was telling her what I was going to write about today. (Don’t worry, It’s coming.) Ok, so here it is. Officially I am single! Whoopiddy-doo. I broke up with Andres a few weeks back, I guess it’s been that long. I told him that I didn’t think that it was working out and there were some more issues. (I won’t get into it since there “grown-up” issues!)(just kidding!)

So, now I’m reading this book called Deadline by Randy Alcorn. It’s awesome. I know you probaly don’t go out and read these books or watch the movies I say are good but oh well I will continue to write about them! Randy Alcorn is an awesome author. His books are always gripping and intense. Anywho I’m reading this book for the second time and it’s still good. I’ve forgotten some of it so it’ll be a joy to read it again. Yeah!

Xavier is over today with Mady and Taylar(since she’s on spring break). It’s kinda hectic since all of them are sick/getting over sick. One’s crying while the other’s pouting and the other one is SCREAMING! That was actually yesterday; minus Xavier! Mady screamed for like an hour for me. I told her it was nap time and she didn’t want to take a nap!

For those of you who know about my blood work. I got it done on Friday and they called today while I was gone. My mom calls me and says that I have to call the doctors office to get my results. So I’m a little nervous (I want something to be wrong with me because I want some explanation for why I’m acting like this). I call them and after about five minutes on hold (I’m sweating now!) the nurse comes back on and says “Your test results came back all normal.” I said thanks and I’m like in shock. Because now I want to know what’s up with me??  But I guess it’s nothing?!? I’m gonna go…..Xavier is being fussy and I don’t have anything else to write! I love you ALL


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  1. Don’t you hate when you want something to be wrong so you have an explanation but then there isn’t anything wrong! I hate that because then I have to come up with an excuse! And I like your song too. Thanks.

  2. Hey! I am not sure what kind of books you like, but I just got done reading The Divine Dance: If the World Is Your Stage.. Who Are You Performing For? by Shannon Kubiak and it is a really good book! It’s perfect for people our age (give or take!)…

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