This conversation happened yesterday around four pm Florida time. All names have been kept the same because noone did anything illegal or wrong.
I handed Javier my photos of Yard work, Wednesday night and Family Fun Day; in order. He’s going through them and putting them on the counter as he goes through them. “Javier, your messing up the order!”
“You have them in order?” Javier says.
“Yes! Just put them right.”
“And you call me anal,” he says softly.
“I’m not anal, I’m OCD. There’s a difference!” My great comeback is.

OCD. It’s not a curse! I think it is sometimes. I keep thinking of The New Guy when the counselor says: “It’s going to take a lot of hugs, and a lot of drugs!” Obsessive Comulsive Disorder is stupid. I definately do not have it to the maximum level as some people. I don’t have to un-lock and lock the door three times just to open it or I don’t have to climb out of bed twice and then get in and go to sleep.

I’m reading this book my mom’s other boss gave her to read for fun. (Yeah, right. Any book a shrink, excuse me, therapist gives you to read for fun will not be FUN!) This book is entitled “Emotional Vampires, dealing with people who drain you dry.” Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? You may be asking yourself “Holly, why in the heck are you reading this book if you don’t want to?” Well I shall enlighten you! I have nothing else to read! Every other book I own I’ve read multiply times and I can probaly recite them for you. (but I don’t want to!)

So what the book says about OCD vampires: “OCD vampires are addicted to safety, which they believe they can achieve through scrupulous attention to detail and complete control over everything………..Without OCD vampires none of the worlds difficult and thankless tasks would ever get done………For good or ill OCD’s are the only people watching to see that the rest of us don’t go too far astray…………OCD’s take no joy in hurting others but they will hurt you if your actions threaten their sense of control……..they don’t mean to retaliate but they feel compelled to state their opinion………The second longest wait in the world is for OCD’s to make a decision. The longest wait is for them to speak even a single word of praise.”

It does take me forever to make a decision because I have to think through all the angles. So if I ever do anything spontaneous, it’s a shocker to myself……a.k.a. donut experience! I try to give praise but it’s hard to do because I myself want praise. But I don’t. It’s quite confusing in my head, like that’s a shocker?!? So there you have it. This book is actually getting quite interesting…..maybe everyone should read it?!

Ok, on to yesterday afternoon; Javier dropped me off at the bus stop and I sit down. I saw something crazy and I told Brooke but it’s just too long to tell here. Anywho after the crazy/weird thing it started to sprinkle. I didn’t really care because I love the rain. Well then it started to pour. I still didn’t care because like I just said, I love the rain. Well it pours for thirty minutes straight! I was drenched when the bus finally got there! The bus is supposed to leave the bus station at the top of the hour so you wouldn’t think it would take to long to travel down to Thacker St, then down Clay St, then on Pleasant Hill to right across from Walgreens, right? Well I didn’t get on the bus till five! Javier dropped me off at four ten, I think. Anywho….I got home, took a shower, ate some salad and tried to go to bed but got assaulted by Brooke.

But I love you ALL (even Candy)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey holly. Its drew, this is my new xanga name. The other one got deleted on accident. Just letting you know whatsup.

  2. My friend Jessica is like that with her pictures…I understand that people like order…and with pictures it is very important because later on you might not remember in what order events took place…so I understand…

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