“Whose got a big butt?” (question posed to Mady from myself) “Holly.”  (Mady’s answer) “Who else?” (I ask again.) “John” (she says) 
So I am not alone with having a big butt. But being put with John’s Puerto Rican gludius maximus is not fair! John knows it. I know it, I just with Mady would realize it.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a happening day. We woke up for church and David Adam’s first words were “where’s John and Andy?” I quickly told him that they didn’t stay the night and then I asked if he went to sleep before they left. He was like “yeah, I thought they were staying the night.” So when we saw them at church it was all cool. There like family anyway so it doesn’t matter. After church we went to lunch with Javier and Joanne for a little meeting.

We went to our house and played some DDR. That game is soo much fun even if I don’t dance so well! when Andy left Candy cleaned up her room and then we got ready to go to WalMart. I had some film to take and John wanted to look at bikes.

Before we got to WalMart Candy needed to go to the bank to deposit some b-day money. So we went to the drive up ATM because someone was at the other one. I put her card in and do everything and when I push the button to get the card back it hits the plastic piece around the ATM and it goes back in. It does this three or four times and I’m trying to get it out but the ATM sucks it back in and the screen says “YOUR CARD HAS BEEN RETAINED!” Not cool. So Candy and John are calling the 1-800 number and it turns out the ATM has just shredded the card and it’ll be 30 days till she gets a replacement card!!!

So I dropped my film off and I got a ceiling fan and then we went to Burger King to eat something before S.E.M.P. After bible study we went back to Wally World so John could get his bike and I could pick up my photos. Got home, went to the bathroom and went to bed! All in all a good day. Got a lot of things talked about and most of it I’m glad is out there. So I love you ALL


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  1. He is a dork, you have to excuse him…(my brother, that is)…I actually have pictures of what I did…He was sleeping on the couch and his mouth was hanging wide open…so my niece and I were decorating Christmas cookies with the squirt frosting – you can imagine from here…I squirted it all in his mouth and to make it better, he reached up and rubbed it all over his face…whew, that was funny…My sister-in-law was taking pictures as I did it…good stuff…Thanks for e-mailing him, though!

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