I have had this song in my head for days now and I can’t think of who sang it. It goes “Come my lady, come, come my lady. Your my butterfly, sugar, baby.” It came out in 1999 and it was bugging the crap out of me. I went to XangaMusic and it wasn’t on there. I looked through every song title just to see who sang it. Finally after scouring the internet for minutes, I located it. Yeah for Holly! It’s by Crazy Town. I’m sure most of you don’t know them but if you do, doesn’t that song rock! Do you remember the video? Awesome.

Xavier is over today and he is having a great time. He actually laughed; which is something he doesn’t do. Well, I haven’t seen him do it ever! He usually just cries and mopes about trying to chase Kiara, even though when Kiara licks him he doesn’t like it. Whatever!

We watched The Incredibles last night. John rented it and came over. My mom hadn’t seen it so she finally got to see it. It’s such a great movie. I was watching all the special features and some of them are so hilarious! I was looking at all the superhero bios. That was funny.

I’m reading the Oath right now by Frank Peretti. He is an awesome author. He’s written some great books. This one rocks. It’s all about sin and guilt and turning to Jesus. Good times, good times. If you haven’t read it; read it! (I sound like Woody in Toy Story 1 when there going to move and there having a meeting. Woody says “If you don’t have a moving buddy: GET ONE!)

I guess I shall end it here because my life does not hold any other excitement. I love you ALL


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  1. Hey if you gave Brock eprops I want eprops! Thats not fair Holly! Just kidding! Isn’t The Oath that super huge book that’s like 1000000000 pages long? To big for my little brain! Just kidding. Maybe I’ll read it if you let me borrow it when your done. Can I borrow it? Or where did you get it?
    No eprops for Holly till I get mine!

  2. My favorite part of Toy Story is at that same meeting when he says “We’d like to thank Mr. Speak and Spell for putting on Tuesday night’s plastic corosion awareness meeting, I think it was a big success”…or something like that…that part always make me laugh!

  3. Yeah, Crazy Town used to be pretty cool.  Then I heard a clip of them performing live at some adult conference and it was AWFUL.  I think they are one of those studio bands that only sounds good when they have the ability to edit what they sound like.  Anyway, they had a song with Paul Oakenfold called Starry-Eyed Surprise which was an awesome song.  I know I’ve played it for you in my car along with 234056134 other bands people haven’t heard of.Oh my, starry-eyed surprise, sundown sun rise.Eclectic electric, ladies of the evenin, drinkin booze and minglin

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