“Birthday’s and wedding cakes, my dreams come true. But I still take the most delight in you. It’s the way you love me.” These lines come from a Christian artist named Miss Angie. She came out in about ’99 I think. I saw one of her videos and I was hooked. I went out and got her CD. I loved it, but one day I couldn’t find it. I looked and looked and looked. Now, this was pretty much my favorite CD and it was gone!! So it’s been gone for a few years and the other day I was looking on Ebay for it and I found it so right now I’m listening to it. I still remember all of the songs and everything. Great times!

Well let’s see, I haven’t posted in a few days. Let me share with you the exciting life of Holly’s weekend! It’s not that exciting so don’t pop any popcorn or anything special. Starting with Friday I went to Andy’s house with Brooke and Nils. Andy and John were already there waiting for us. We ate an awesome meal that they had prepared and it was actually quite yummy! We watched The Italian Job and then since Andy was sooo sweaty from wrestling with Candy he took a shower and the rest of us went to Blockbuster to find RocketMan (the funniest movie ever!). They only had it in VHS and John didn’t think they had one so we didn’t get it. We got back to the house and found out that they did have a VCR but oh well. We all played RISK. I hate this game with sooo much passion it’s crazy. I have no patience what-so-ever! And if you know this game, patience is the key! I can’t remember who won so after that we went to bed.

When we woke up and everyone was there and ready we went to Wally-World to buy some ammo. We then proceeded to go to the gun range out in the boonies. It was weird because we knew nothing and the guy was like looking at us like we were retarded!! But anywho they gave us a gun and told us good luck! No safety crap, no anything! So we get out there and realize that we need targets and most importantly EAR PLUGS! So we got to shoot a 9mm and I got to shoot a Magnum .357. Quite exciting! I did excelent! It was great…….so after that the gang went to Bennigans because we were all famished and we saw a Lamborghini!! Ohmygosh!! If you know me well, you know my dream, dream, in your dreams car is a Lamborghini Diablo! Oh man it was cool.

After that we went to the Pac Mac cafe with Drew and Erica. We had a great time. This was the second time we had been there and I can’t wait till we go again! It’s awesome, you buy a card for two hours and then play all the games you want to!

Sunday we were extremely tired since we didn’t get in till late the night before. So we had to be at the church at 7:45. We got there on time, this time. We sang, yadda, yadda, yadda, we left for lunch and our waiter, Jose, was a retard!! Then we went home so Brooke could get her clothes because she was spending the night at Kate’s. So we got rid of her and Adam and me went to pick up Steph and then we went to Wal Mart to get the paint!! That guy took his sweet time getting it so we were rushing to get back home to start painting!

If you don’t know, we painted Candace’s room Sunday night and it turned out awesome. Mom said she screamed when she saw it. Groovy!! So on to Sunday night. We had to get to bible study and then after that I went to the college with Adam and waited for Drew and Erica to get back. They finally got back and we went to Wal Mart to buy some stuff for the beach.

We got everything and then we finally went to bed. Ohmygosh, I was soo tired and I didn’t get to sleep until twelve thirty. AAAAGGHH! Anywho, I can’t really go into details because I can’t, so there……We are finally on our way to the beach and Drew falls asleep (don’t worry, he’s not driving!). We get there and we go into the water. It’s freezing but it was great! I was having a blast while Drew stayed ankle deep with Erica because she was complaining about everything under the sun!

So best part of the day for me: seeing Justin and Windy and Gabe. Awesome little baby. He’s a cutie pie! I’ll have to get those pics developed! So we had a great time, stayed way too late and got back and I slept and today I came here so what a weekend!!
I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds kool. And, yea, you need ot get the picturres developed. I want to see Gabe!!! Thanks for the fun. (yea, painting was fun and so was the party!!)

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