“It’s gonna take lots of hugs…….and lots of drugs!” and “Are you on the crank….are you riding the white pony son?” These are both from the movie The New Guy which I just got. This movie is hilarious. I say this about so many movies but if you haven’t seen this movie then you should go rent it. DJ Qualls is such a great actor. If you don’t know him I think he was in Road Trip. I don’t really remember. He’s awesome though, he overcame cancer and all that. His story’s pretty cool.

Well tonight is youth group. I’ve changed my hair color yet again. What a surprise, right? Well, I had to do something…..I was sick of it being blonde! I might bleach it before camp again though….I haven’t thought that far ahead. When have I ever? I don’t know!

This morning my mom had jury duty so she had to leave earlier than Candy and me so she took the 5:40am bus. (Candy and I take the 6:45 bus) So Candy and I are chatting about who knows what and then we look out the window and we see this humungous crowd of people at the Windmill Pt. stop. Now normally only two people get on so were a little shocked. And then our eyes come upon the broken down bus sitting right in front of us! So our already crowded bus gets even more crowded! Mom looked soo upset because she was already late for jury duty. So when it was my turn to get off everyone people had to get off just to make a way for my big butt! It was funny!

Now at Javiers Xavier and Mady are sleeping. For those of you who do not know who Xavier is, he is another little baby who I now watch one – two days a week. His mom’s Japanese and his dad’s black. He’s kinda annoying. He’s really whiny and wants held almost all the time. Anywho….it’s more money and that’s great!

Kiara is being really spastic right now so I have to go and play with her before she tears through the garbage! I love you ALL


4 thoughts on “

  1. Hey I live in Windmill Pt! I should have seen that! Wait. I was fast asleep in my nice warm bed upstairs in my nice warm room. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. And I like the hair color Holly. But it definately is a big change!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea, the hair does look nice. And as far as capming, we still can do it again. We were supposed to go when it was cold remember? We need to talk to someone to get us a spot and then get a group of us together. We need to do it cause your gonna be leaving soon. Anyways, see you Sunday.

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