“There is noone like you! There has never ever been anyone like you!” I’ve been listening to David Crowder’s CD Sunsets and Sushi nonstop. That CD rocks and I’m serious if you like him you should totally go out and buy his album……even if you don’t know him go out and buy it!

I’m on Javier and Joannes computer right now (big shocker!). Anywho….I was in the living room earlier when I heard the aw-familiar ding that someone had IM-ed Joanne. So I run in here thinking it might be Drew but lo and behold it was some person that Joanne knew. So I wrote that it wasn’t Joanne on the computer it was their au pair. He was like au pair? So I had to go into explaining what that was. It turns out it’s Joannes cousin Jimmy. We’ve been chatting for a few minutes……he’s been telling me stuff about Joanne. Just kidding Joanne (if your reading this!)!!

We obviously had a great time at the game. Pacers kicked some Magic butt……big surprise? I don’t think so! We left at the begining of the fourth quarter. Right after the little tiff on the court. We went to Krispy Kreme where I did something……….I’m sure everyones heard about it. I can’t even think about donuts without getting sick to my stomach!

I feel like I need to talk to somebody but I can’t talk to that somebody because what I want to talk about is kinda weird and strange and I don’t want that person to think something that may or may not be true. It’s quite confusing and confusing and need I say again: confusing?
I love you ALL



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I say just talk to the person. I mean, if they really care about you, (in anyway) then they will understand. Just let them know whats going on and how you feel and everything. You will feel better once you do.

  2. I agree with Stef. If your going to tell everyone on your xanga that you need to talk to somebody then TALK TO THEM! Don’t just write about it. Nothing’s going to happen that way.

  3. you know my opinion, let them talk to you because after i talk to them they will talk to you. oh yes. they will. i hold your fate in my hand. isn’t that scary?

  4. Of course I listened to everything you said Holly. I look up to you and I respect you so I took in everything you said and I remembered it and I plan on using it. I mean I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said all day! But what you said did hit home.

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