“Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on……” Believe you me I have no idea why that song is in my head but it’s there. I actually think that song’s hilarious……I remember when Adam used to sing it all the time…..remember that? He’ll problaly deny it….wouldn’t you?

Well tonight is the big Magic vs. Pacers game. I’m glad I’m going. I can’t wait but time is really moving slowly today…..
I got here about fifteen after (do all the slow cars know your in a hurry?) and after giving Mady a bath about nine thirty I made her lay down on the couch because she was sooooo grouchy! I went and started a load of clothes and when I got back loe and behold little Mady was out. Yeah……but now time is going so slowly.
Back to the game. I’m from Indiana, well not originally but for now I am, so you would think I should cheer for the Pacers. And believe me I love them…..I remember in sixth grade actually realizing that the Pacers were Indiana’s team. From then on out I have loved them, and Reggie Miller in particular. I guess it was really the fad at the time to love them…..they probaly weren’t great……have they ever been? Anywho I love them and I’m going to cheer for them.

Now on the other hand I have lived in Florida for some odd years and I’ve been to more Magic games (3) than Pacers games (0). So I guess I’ll cheer for them……so I guess that leaves me cheering for both teams…..is that a crime? Oh well if it is, because tonight at the TD Waterhouse I, Holly Tompkins, will be cheering for both the Orlando Magic and the Indiana Pacers!!! So there you have it……I’ve solved my own dilema….I think it’s pretty sad that that’s a dilema I have in my life……or that I consider it one.

I just got a shipment from Sixstepsrecords the other day. It had David Crowders latest and let me tell you guys that you should definately go out and get it……It’s called Sunsets and Sushi. I listened to it six times in a row yesterday. It’s a praise and worship CD and it’s kinda danc-ish and for me that’s awesome! The first song is There is noone like you and I thought noone could do it better than Aaron Pelsue Band but David C. rocks it! I loved it and I think you guys would to…..maybe just me…..I don’t know. He wrote a book to (same title) and I’m only on the second chapter but it’s going great……he’s a really good writer!

So I’ll leave you there….I know you will all be on the edge of your seats until tomorrow when one of us writes the score of the game…..yeah right!
I love you ALL


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