“Hollu….hollu! (trumpet call)” This is from Mary Poppins when there having a “Jolly Holiday.” There in the chalk painting and Bert saves the fox……good times. I was reminiscing (is that how you spell that?) today about working at DisneyWorld. I wish I still worked there and yet I’m glad to not be working there.

When I was Mary Poppins (just kidding to all those who think she’s a real person!) I was sooo fired up. I had a ball with it. I can’t even go into words how wonderful it felt to make kids days. I enjoyed it sooo much…..and don’t even get me started about when a Make-A-Wish kid would come up. Sad times, those.

Bad part: Sucky hours and horrible hours. Most of the time I worked Monday though Friday but if I was being trained in a show or rehearsal it was crazy…..like when I was training for CSC. (Stands for Cinderella’s Surprise Celebration a.k.a. Castle show) We learned our positions and everything while the park was still open in the back somewhere but when we practiced outside we had to wait for the park to close. Now….everyone here knows how late Disney stays open till……well we all had to wait till an hour or two after that so we were sure no little kids or parents were around. Rehearsals on stage lasted hours! I wouldn’t get home till three or four in the morning……but that’s better than Fantasmic.

When I was learning Fantasmic it was another awesome yet tiring experience. I loved that show…..if I could do that everyday I would. Rehearsals for that show couldn’t start till two or three in the morning….then I would have to go back to work at like ten in the morning the next day and then pull another all nighter…..not fun! For those of you who have seen that show- you really have no idea how much goes on back stage…it’s crazy. There is so much that goes into that show. All that choreography……and stepping…..crazy……but fun. Every little thing in that show has choreography. The flowers moving…..the british and the indians…..the boat at the end…..all of it. Even Malificent (which is played by a guy) has to wave that stupid wand just right! But put it all together and what do you have……bippity……boppity…….BOO!

Well, that’s it for today I guess…..I know. I know. I’m not an exciting person. Not much fun in this gals life. Tough luck!
I love you ALL


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  1. Through skimming your xanga, I noticed something. Eating peanut and jelly sandwiches while drinking coke and moving the mouse combined, things get messy. I hope I didn’t stain this comment with purple and green.

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