“Look at our little mutant babies!” Donkey said this at the end of Shrek 2 which I just happened to watch today. I like that movie. It’s so funny, but I don’t think it’s as funny as the first one. Whatever, right?

Today is Wednesday and it still feels like Monday to me. Blah! Where has the week gone?? Let’s see, Monday I didn’t do much. (What a shocker, right?) Well, Tuesday Mady had a doctor’s appointment as well as Joanne, Taylar and Javier. So since the Avalanche had not yet graced us with it’s appearance I along with Javier and Joanne set out in the van for a action packed day!! First order of the day: Drop Joanne off at work, then race to Taylars school and drop her off. After that we headed over to Mady’s doctor for her appointment. We got in there early and doctor said all was ok so we went to pick up Joanne back from work. Her and Javier were both getting blood work done at the same time. So Mady and I played in the play room while that happened. (Well, actually, Mady played and I cleaned!)

Last night John and Nils came over to work out what were going to do tonight. You guys are going to love it!! You’ll probally already have seen it so I guess I should ask: Wasn’t it awesome???

I’ve been having this issue with my sleeping, maybe you guys could clue me in to as what my problem is!?! Alrighty, normally I go to sleep like at eight thirty or nine, at the latest. Now I wake up at six fifteen to get ready to catch the bus, and I am always tired. Always!! I usually wake up in the night/very early morning to go to the bathroom. I never feel rested! Any advice?? I’m dieing here!!

Well I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    When in my entry did I say that the guy was Andy? Never! You shouldn’t assume things Holly. Andy is 23 I know he is to old for me. So why would I like him? And why would I cry because he doesn’t like me?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the firsst shrek is better than the 2nd. and yes, javier’s party and the skit thingy was really really kool. I am so glad he didnt know about it. Anyways, are we going out to lunch Sunday? We should go somewhere different and new and exciting. lol.

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