“What’s my age again? What’s my age again?” This song is soooo awesome. I remember when I first heard it. (Memories…..) Anywho…it’s my quote (and song) today because that’s what I’m thinking about. Getting older, growing up.

This May I’m going to be 23! Yeah, I know, awesome right? WRONG! That means it’ll only be seven more years and I’ll be 30! Well, when Lynn was down he was asking me how old I would be this year and I was telling him. And I was like 8 more years and I’ll be 30. He just laughed and said that after you hit 40 it doesn’t matter anymore. You just don’t care anymore. Well he doesn’t care anymore. This year (on May 14th!!!) he’ll be 52! Can you believe people actually get that old!?! I’m shocked!

Mady fell asleep on me while we were coloring. It’s quite funny, actually! Were coloring Cinderella and the mice and I look over at Mady and her head starts drooping, her eyelids are closing. She looks like she’s already asleep! I was picking her up and telling her that I was taking her to her bed and she was like NO! I’m like “girl, your falling asleep coloring!! You are sooo laying down!” I don’t think she heard me because she was already back asleep!!

So this past weekend right after the SunBowl, which was awesome! Drew, me, Nils, Adam and Kayte went to the movies. Kayte said she could get us in to see Phantom and that is what we saw. I read Drew’s comment on it and I am so along with it! Go and see it. I don’t care if you don’t like musicals! GO! This movie should be up for alot more awards than what it is. (It is only up for three) Emmy Rossum rocks in this. If you didn’t watch her in A Day After Tomorrow, you should know she’s a classically trained opera singer. She can sing in five different languages (and I bet she knows what she’s singing!). Gerald Butler who is the Phantom was in Tomorrow Never Dies. He’s mainly a British actor but man can her sing! The other guy, Patrick Wilson, is mainly a singer in various musicals and plays. But back to the begining of this paragraph: Go and see this!! You’ll love it and if you don’t: YOUR DUMB!

For me this movie is number two right behind Pirates of the Carribean! Well I love you ALL!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tha Phantom was a great movie. I want to get the soundtrack but I am saving up to buy my GUITAR!!! So the soundtrack can wait. Last night was fun even thought I had no clue what was going on in the game. See you Wednesday!

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