Remember those old “Lays” commercials? The ones with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird? Well my quote today comes from those commercials: “I’m not gonna sing.” Larry Bird said that when everyone else in the commercial ws singling “I wanna be like Mike.” It was funny.

Tomorrow Brooke and me are going out with my surrogate dad. I cannot wait. I don’t know where were going to go but I think Garibaldis. It’s like a restaurant up north we used to go to all the time. Then again we might go to some Japanese steak house or some sushi joint! Who knows!? I can’t wait. Did I say that already? Can you tell I’m excited?

Then on Friday he is coming over to our house. Yeah! We’ll probaly order pizza since our family really doesn’t have the best food preparing capabilities! Well I do! I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesus doesn’t always care. He hasn’t been here for me so why should I? And no I’m not loved. Ask Jen or Andria. They hate me and sometimes I think you “adults” do too.

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