“I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it.” That is how I’m feeling right now. I just got an email from my “surrogate” dad, Lynn. He is sooooo awesome. I really miss him but anywho….he emailed me and said that he was coming down this weekend. I can’t wait to see him. Only now I have to set a time that I can see him.

This guy is like the best dad anyone could have. When I lived there he was such an awesome listener and just everything about him was cool. He has two daughters (three including me) and his wife is an ER doctor. I always thought that was cool because he’s like the stay at home dad. Though he does have a job. Oh man, they are the best cooks ever. Everynight was like soo great because they always made something super duper yummy. Except when they made shrimp! Yuck!

Anywho…I’ve been thinking alot and I think I have a huge decision to make. I don’t really want to say what it is quite yet but I think some of you might guess it. I have to seek some more wise counsel before I put it on my xanga site. Aren’t you all just on the edge of your seats??? Well sit back, relax! It’s not that big.

Oh, news on my uncle. He is doing good. Not bad, not great, just good. I guess that’s fine because how good would I feel if I wouldn’t be able to use my legs ever again? Pretty bad I would imagine. Well I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    im here if you ever need to talk. i may be only 16 but im pretty wise for my age. ive been through a lot and i can still help you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey, I just want to say pary pray. Thats really the best advcie you can get becasue prayer is your way of communicating with God. just pray and be open to listening to him. Listen to him to speak to you. Anyways, I’ll see you Sunday!!

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