“Were the kids of America……….This totally looks like a Noxema commercial, as if!!”   Kayte, if you don’t know where this came from your a LOSER!!

Today is a blah! day. I have a huge headache.
Today on the bus there was this guy who asked if anybody had change for a dollar. One of the kids did but the other guy didn’t hear him. So I tapped him on the backpack and was like “sir!” Well I guess he didn’t hear me and just thought somebody was trying to steal something because he turned around and had his hand in a fist!! Scary. Candy and I were like “don’t call anybody sir anymore!”

Then once I got off the bus I was walking and everythings great. It quit raining and I’m walking and all of a sudden I feel a sprinkle. I was like “it’ll go away soon!” Well let me tell you: I WAS WRONG!! It didn’t sprinkle!! NO! It didn’t just rain!!! Oh NO! It poured like a mother trucker!!!! I’m walking and my umbrella is just about ready to blow away!! Not a fun morning.

By the time I got to Javiers my pants were soaked and my shoes and socks were too. Ugh!!
Anyway I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain holly. I had ot walk to the bus stop in that stuff. It’s not that far but I think I got the worst of ti and i didn’t have an umbrella.

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