“Shake it like a salt shaker….shake it like a dollar, or five, or ten. What would you do for a twenty twin?” Wow. I think that’s the only word that can describe that song. Well that’s not true. I was listening to this CD today and that song was on it and I was really listening to the words and wow! That line sticks with ya. I just want to laugh out loud when I hear that but then the people that are walking around me might look at me like I’m weird!! I don’t want that!!

Mady has begun the great potty training. NOT FUN!! I repeat NOT FUN!! This morning even before Javier and Joanne left Mady peed in her underwear twice!! So I’m asking her like every five minutes “gotta go potty?” She’s like “NO.”

For those of you who don’t know: My uncle was in the bombing at Mosul. No, he wasn’t actually involved with the bombing. He was in the cafeteria when it went off. He was injured pretty bad. He had a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. He stayed there until he was stabalized which was a few days and then they moved him to Germany where they performed some surgery. I’m not sure what all they did but  I do know that they had to fuse two disks together.  So he is getting ready to start therapy to learn how to live in a wheel chair. Sucks big time. Just pray for him please!!

I had to add this quote I just found from Ashlee Simpson: “At ‘Saturday Night Live’ I completely lost my voice and everything and I have it back, and it was a good opportunity for me to be like ‘I don’t lip synch, my God!’ I’m very anti that.”
Yeah right!!
I love you ALL


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