“I never felt so beautiful, baby as I do now…” With You, obviously sung by Jessica Simpson. I really like this song. It means alot to me. Have you ever watched Newlyweds?? I’ve caught a few episodes here and there and I have to say this show is hilarious! I almost bought season one on DVD at Wally world the other day just so I could see what other funny stuff there was.

If you’ve been over at Javier’s house since Christmas then you know that he got a Roomba from his father. If you don’t know what a Roomba is just ask Javier!! (It’s a robot vacumn.) Everyday after saying hello he asks me if I used the Roomba today. Everyday I’ve said no but yesterday I used it for the first time and I am sooooo unimpressed. I turned it on and set up the boundary for it. It is so loud, and it takes forever. Like two hours later it goes back to it’s “home” and I’m looking at the floor and it doesn’t look that much better. But oh well, Joanne if your reading this, tell Javier I think it’s awesome!!

As of late I’ve been reading the Diary of Ellen Rimbauer. Have you ever seen Rose Red? It’s a movie based on the life of Ellen R. It’s pretty crazy. This lady was brought up Christian in the 1900’s, and I don’t exactly remember when, she started to pray to “the other one.” Obviously the devil. Dark things start happening and I’ve read throught half of the book when I come upon this: “Woe be to anyone, anywhere, at any time who violates the privacy of these pages! May a curse be upon you. If you have read any of this, you know these pages are for me, and me alone.” I was on the bus when I read this and I just looked at the pages like, uh oh! It was funny, I’m sure, to the people around me. I’m 3/4ths the way through now and more and more is cut out because the editor didn’t think it appropiate. Not that I want to read it but they could’ve just said nothing and cut it out without anyone knowing it. Jeez!!

Oh! I was reading some news site and I saw this blurb “Ashlee Simpson booed!” I was like I have to read that, because I think she can’t sing and she’s an ungrateful little tart! So I click on it and it pretty much says that while performing at the FedEx Oragne bowl she was booed following her performance!! I watched the clip and it was funny!!! If you want to see it go to 933flz.com and look under mj. Hilarious!!

I watched Ice Age with Mady this morning. She just watches it while I’m laughing my butt off (don’t I wish!!) at how funny it is. I love poor little Scrat and Sid. “Doesn’t anybody love Sid the Sloth?” I’m smiling just writing about it. Candace does the best Sid impression in the world. Just give her some chopsticks or pencils and ask her to do it!!

I got Moulin Rouge for Christmas and Candy and I watched it last night. We were singing the Elephant Medley together. It was funny because if you’ve ever seen Moulin Rouge then you know that Ewan jumps up onto the top of the elephant and Candace jumps onto the arm of the couch! I think we should start performing on the streets and see how much money we get!!!

Is anybody else still sore?? After practice I didn’t do anything and then on Monday I jogged and that hurt like heck. Then on Tuesday I jogged again and today I walked to Javiers (from the bus stop!) and my butt has been kicked!!!
Well I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey thanks for the advice. I’m gonna try it out. But what do you mean you love me most of the time?? huh?? lol. j/k I know I can be annoying sometimes. But hey so can you. j/k!! lol. I love you Holly!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting…Javier’s a cool guy. Ice Age is soooooo funny!!!!!!!! The first time I saw it was on an airplane, and I didn’t have sound. It cost five bucks to LISTEN to the movie! Anyhoo, I like your last name 🙂 You’re related to Johnny Depp 🙂 That’s cool.

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