“A sea bear? You must be out of your mind!” This is from a SpongeBob Squarepants show that I watched today with the girls. The way to surrive when a sea bear comes along? Draw a circle and stand in it! Yeah, that’s great. Some fish with a bears head comes along and I’m going to draw a circle??? I don’t think so…….

Tonight I am watching the girls while J+J, and J+J are going to the movies. They were going to see National Treasure but they got there late and now they are going to see Oceans 12.

This morning I woke up like and Thursday morning I work for Javier. My alarm went off at six fifteen and I hopped (well hopped is a bit strong…more like drug) myself out of bed and got dressed. I brushed my teeth and hair and put my tennies on and took Tally outside to go to the bathroom. I brought her in said goodbye to my mommy and walked to the bus stop. Once there I always fret and worry that the bus has already came and I will be late to Javiers. Oh, us worrywarts!

I’m standing at the bus stop and I’m looking at the clouds and I see smoke coming from a house a street or two down. So I’m kinda walking out into the street and I’m like ohmygosh! I hear cop sirens and a fire engine and the smoke is just billowing up into the sky! I’m praying that nobody is in the house and the fire truck will get there fast! Now something you should know: I am terrified of fire. I don’t know if I was burned somehow as a kid ( I certainly don’t remember!) or what but fires scare me. Exspecially house fires. When I say scared I mean petrified.

(Ok, to better help you understand my fears you need to go back to a previous xanga when I told you guys about being in the bathroom and I thought I heard somebody out in the hallway. I was crying I was sooo scared. This is what I’m talking about!) I was standing in the street (there were no cars coming!) and I’m almost crying praying sooo hard for anybody that might be in there. It was sooo scary for me. And the whole time I’m thinking that I should go and see if anybody is in there, if they need help, etc. But my legs won’t move there. I’m scared (well you get the idea). Anywho it kinda bothers me that I can be that scared over something that is not even happening to me! Somebody help me……Is there a doctor on the xanga site??

Well I’m going to watch Oceans 11 since Napolean Dynamite didn’t come!!!! Just kidding, I know, I know. (For those of you who don’t know, tough luck!)

I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    too bad for you you didnt get to see the movie. j/k it’s alll good. i’m sorry you didnt get to see it, but get over it!!! j/k  sorry you didnt get to see it.

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