“Merry Christmas to All and to All a goodnight!” I think everyone knows where that’s from. If you don’t you must have major issues.

Christmas Eve was great. We went to the service at church and right before it started we went into the fellowhip hall because we wanted to let some people sit down in our row since we took up alot of space. (If that doesn’t make sense, I don’t care!) Anywho….in the fellowship hall they still had the lights on when mysteriously half a strand went out. Can you believe it? I doubt it! Well anyway……Heather Rasmusken or however you spell her last name kept on coming in and out of there and bothering the heck out of us. Afterwards we gave out the presents we had brought and then we left.

Candace slept in my room and John slept in Adam’s room. John and Adam stayed up and talked like little girls till about two, I think they said. Well Candy and I woke up at three and we went into the family room where the tree was. We checked out all the presents Santa left us and then we went back to bed. I think I had just dozed off when I hear my door open and in walks mom and dad asking us if were ever going to get up!! It was seven thirty so we all woke up and opened our presents. It was great, as usual.

At three we went to Javiers for supper and more presents. I got the girls these cool puzzles!!  We ate a wonderful meal prepared my Joanne. (She is an excellent cook!!) It was so good and after we all were done we went into the living room and opened presents. Nils was first and Taylar handed him this small package. He opened it up and it was a pack of gum. We were all like “how nice!” Javier was like look inside it! So he did and there were picks. Drew got a knife and John got a  leatherman like thing. David Adam got a took and Candy got a calendar of the Far Side. Taylar handed me this small circular package and I opened it. (Now hold on, I have been told all month long that Javier got me this great wonderful thing that I am just going to die over. I was trying to think what great and wonderful thing could be in this tiny packaging. Ok back to the story….) I look inside and there’s this cup (that they stole from Catherine St. Another story for another time.) and inside this cup is this guitar strap. I’m like “oh.” I’m looking at it and Javier is saying now you have a strap for when you get your bass. I’m still like “oh.” Well all of a sudden Javier goes into the guest room and comes out with a bass guitar in it’s case!!!!!!!!!!! I was almost crying. My mouth didn’t close for minutes!!! It was awesome. It was a good Christmas.

Well I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is SO AWESOME!!! I’m so glad you got your bass! I heard today that you had problems even openning the case!! lol!! Thst’s o.k., because when i got mine I was like Oh!! I got a guitar and like i was scared to even open it and everything!
    And yes, I am slightly spoiled!! I am an only child rememebr though. So that kinda helps. But I try to hide the spoiledness and not act like a brat!!

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