“I’m here to hold your hand when you die.” I don’t know the name of the song but John was playing it when he brought me to Javier’s today. It sounded ok, but the best part of the song was the flute part.

Let’s see…..Friday. I watched the girls all day and then at night because Joanne had her big company party to go to. So I thought I would take them to Chik-Fil-A. Nice, hunh? So, me and the girls are outside chalk drawing on the driveway and Javier had to run to the bank to get some money out. Taylar wanted me to do a cartwheel so I was doing some and all of a sudden I hear a rrriiiiiiiiiiiiip! I was like “ohmygosh!” I looked at my butt (doesn’t that sound funny!?!) and there it was, a little rip. I should have known right then that this night was not going to go good for me. Not too bad, so I went inside and tied my jacket around my waist.

Javier get’s home, I pack up the girls and we go to Chik-Fil-A over on OBT. We got our food and I’m holding the tray with one hand and the diaper bag with the other hand. Mady decides to climb into the chair unassisted so her head hits the top of the tray and down goes my Dr. Pepper!! All over the floor. I was calm and I went up there and told them that I spilled my drink on the floor. When I was checking and making sure they had all of our food I noticed they hadn’t put the kids nuggets in the bag so I had to go up there again and ask for them.

I let the girls play a little in the playplace and Taylar took me over to the side and it looked like some kid had puked up chicken all over it. I was like “that’s it!” and I got there shoes back on and we left. I wanted to go to the mall and look for another pair of jeans so that’s where we went. After finding a front row spot (yes I know I’m great!) I got the girls out and into the double stroller! We got inside and I’m going into shops looking at jeans and ohmygosh! It’s so difficult with two kids!  Well I don’t find anything so we go to the car to leave. I’ve got the kids in the car and I’m trying to get the stroller down. And let me tell you it is not happening. I don’t know if any of you have used a stroller like Javiers but it is difficult. After many minutes of nothing a security guy came over and I asked him if he could help me and in like two shakes of a lambs tail he got it down. I was like “thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

On the way home we stopped at Super Target and I finally found a pair of pant I wanted. Not jeans but pants none the less. After that we got home and I got the girls ready for bed. There snug as a bug in their footie p.j.’s and sleeping soundly when I get a phone call from John. His tires flat and he doesn’t have a tire iron. So I put the girls in the car and I drive down to HESS. I gave them the stuff and went back to Javiers. I put the girls back in bed and I waited for John to come and Brooke. John finally came and I put the tools back.

Candy finally showed up at midnight and Andy hung out for a little while. He left and me and Brooke were watching tv shows until like one when Brooke fell asleep. I stayed up until two and then I went to sleep as well. The next morning Javier said that he and Joanne didn’t get home till four. Those crazy kids!

Saturday I went into town with my mom and shopped a little more for Christmas. I’m almost done!!

Sunday I went to church and then we had the banquet. Not bad, I guess. Afterwards Drew and I helped out with the kids and when everyone was done and had gotten their kids Drew and I went outside where John, Andy, and Nils were. Nils’ car wouldn’t start so he had called his dad to come. After awhile Nils asked John to perform a healing. (Now, so you know everyone had already tried to start the car.) John did a little dance, he didn’t make any love but he certainly got down that night!! It was funny to watch but Nils tried to start it and it started!! It was funny.

After that The four of us went to Denny’s. When the waitress brought us our drinks she spilled some water on me. It wasn’t much but I thought it was funny. We only ordered french fries and some french toast and ohmygosh!! It took forever. We waited forever. Andy asked for a straw in the middle of us eating and he never got one. She didn’t have one on her but she said she would go get one. Never did she come back. I asked for a to go cup of coke and she put this lid on it with this sticky pink stuff on it. I threw it out! Anywho..I didn’t get home till twelve thirty and I was like wide awake. I couldn’t go to sleep for the longest time. But eventually I did and I woke up at seven this morning. Yuck!

Well I love you ALL, oh and for all who read this. Christmas Party at the church the Wednesday night at six pm. Bring a bag of chips (unless I tell you otherwise) and a white elephant gift!


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