“Are you scared?” This is in Kid Rock’s song American Bad***. Even though this song has a bad word in the title I still like it. Why? You might ask. Because if you’ve ever heard it, it goes through quite a few of his songs. It’s like a medley of his popular songs. It’s great. I’ve been a fan of Kid Rock for quite a few years. Ever since I lived in Indiana. I don’t remember why I started liking him. Probaly because when you listen to his music it sounds good when you turn the volume up to forty with the bass and treb up full blast. That’s how I drove around all the time! Kid Rock blasting. But not this song. I had the edited CD.

My CD collection is growing like wildfire. I have over a hundred CD’s. All different kinds and artists. At CIY last year. Well the year we went to Milligan, I went to a class that was kinda like Phil Chalmers class. The guy challenged us and said that if we really were just listening to the music for the “beat” than quit listening to it for a whole month. Listen to nothing but Christian music. Now for me I thought it was kinda hard. The only Christian CD’s I had were DC Talk (which I like, don’t get me wrong), and Carmen (I also like him but these CD’s were old!). So after listening to Z88.3 for like a day I decided to go to Long’s Christian Book store. (If you haven’t been there, go!)  So I think I spent like fifty dollars on CD’s and I made it through the month. I missed listening to my regular music and I listened to it and changed between it and my new Christian music. So I guess as a finale I’m saying that I don’t have a problem with “bad” music. Listening to some guy talk about sex hasn’t made me want to go out and get me some. Or do drugs or anything but this is just me.

My Christmas shopping is almost done. I only have John and Javier to buy for. I know what I’m getting Javier but John is still up in the air. I think I know but I don’t! Weird, hunh? Can you believe it’s almost here. Christmas I mean. It seems like it just snuck up on us. It feels like last year. At least it’s getting cold. Well I don’t like it but I do.

Last night or the night before I was sitting outside in our new furniture and had a blanket around me. It was so nice. It felt like I was in Indiana but without the snow. Now, I miss snow but I don’t. I don’t miss shoveling it or having to walk through it and all that. I do miss sledding down big hills. Aaah! Memories…..all alone in the moonlight……
Anywho, it was nice and I’m glad I’m alive.

Tonight is youth group and our skit. Lord, please let us do a good job and don’t mess up too much!! I love you ALL



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  1. Anonymous says:

    you guys did good on your skit. it was funny. and you really dont have to buy me a christmas present. so i hope you didn’t.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey now, I didn’t mean don’t give me my present. I just meant that if you hadn’t gotten me anything or didn’t plan on getting me anything then don’t worry about it. duh. lol. Oh! did you go to Disney? hope you had a good time. See you Sunday.

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