“Can I use my head?” Rex says this in Toy Story 2. Isn’t that a great movie? I love it. I think it’s as good as the first one. Me and Mady have been watching it for two days now. We watched half yesterday before she got bored and we moved onto drawing and playing. Now it’s on and she’s wondered in here looking at the tree! What an attention span! The movie’s at the part where there at the airport trying to find the luggage. Almost over and she can’t sit there and watch it.   

Yesterday I rode the bus to and from Javiers house. If you did not hear, our white truck, Meg, broke down. I know I know. It’s tragic, isn’t it? So anywho, yesterday Candy and I woke up at six fifteen to ride the six forty five bus. We got to the bus stop and let me tell you something: IT WAS FREEZING!  I could not believe how cold it was. I had on my big Indiana jersey shirt thing and I was still cold.

So once the bus got there we paid our dollar and a quarter (well Candy paid fifty cents) and we found seats and sat down. Everything was quite peacefull until we were on Pleasant Hill Rd after the church. There were a few people standing and the bus driver told them to scoot to the back of the church. Well they shuffled a little to the back but I guess not enough. The bus driver pulled over and just sat there. There was this one black girl and she was all like “there’s people that need to go to work.”  The bus driver was like “I’m just asking one thing and if you can’t do that we can sit here!” It was crazy! So the people scooted even more to the back of the bus and we left. I got off at the stop before I wanted to but oh well! Walking to Javiers wasn’t bad except all the school kids walking the other way all looked at me strange!

Javier took me to the bus stop in the afternoon and there was two black Jamaican ladies there waiting too. They were talking and I was reading my book and then all of a sudden this car stops like two houses down from the bus stop causing all the cars behind him to screech to a halt! Of course the old lady didn’t walk fast so cars kept on honking and screeching. It was madness, I tell you. But other than that the bus ride was un-eventfull. I finished the book I was reading which wasn’t too bad.

Oh! I didn’t write about our great garage sale day. Ok, mom , me, Candy and John went garage saling Saturday. It was actually fun. We started out in Johns car and we were at like th fifth one when mom saw this really nice patio furniture she wanted. She bought it and John and Candy went home to get our truck. So mom and I sat down in our new chairs and mom sees this Kirby vacumn cleaner. She starts looking at it and everything still works and it has all the attatchments. (Which is funny because it has a floor sander and a baloon blower upper!) It was only like ten bucks so mom bought that. So she sits back down and everyone that is coming up to this house thinks it’s our garage sale. There all saying hi and asking us how much stuff is. It was funny and finally Candy and John came. Then we went to some more. John left us some time later to go to the Medievil Times auction.

He got some Sky Coaster passes. So on Sunday, which was my mom’s 46th birthday we went to Old Town. John took Candace and Adam which kinda hurt my feelings but I do understand that he’s closer to those two rather than me. Christina drove us because of the truck issue so she was there too when they went up. It was great to see them come down. Mom was laughing so hard at Adams face. After that we went to the rides. We have these free passes that we can get people in on so we went to get in line for the Pharoh’s Fury but it wasn’t working. So then we went to the Tilt a Whirl. Candy, Christina and me went four times in a row. I think it killed them. I was ready to go on more rides. So mom and me went on the Scrambler and then we grabbed a bite to eat at Rally’s or Checkers or wherever it was. All in all it was a great day!

I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey holly. Im sorry that i missed out on sunday night (stupid tiles!!!!) it would have been great to hand out with everybody and just get away from life. Anyways whats up with hobastank huh?? lol. Anyways i think ill change my song today. Thanks for everything, talk to u later. Love ya bye.Drew

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey I just wanted to let you know, yes, I do know it’s cold in the mornings. I have to stand out in it to get the bus!! Hope we can hang out on Sunday or do something because it seems like it’s been forever! See you soon!

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