” Sit Ra-ra, sit. Stay!” This is what I have continually been yelling at Kiara all day. See, her toe nail has been clipped way too short and it is bleeding. She’ll bump it on something and off it goes. Blood everywhere. And it’s usually when were playing and running around so I have to go around the whole living room and kitchen with a paper towel and spray cleaning it up. I’m sick of seeing Kiara blood! I think she’s tired of hearing me yell at her!

Last night was gospel skate night but when we got there there was a huge group standing outside. Once Javier gets there he asks them if there open and the group says that there resurfacing there floor. Now if you will remember they did renovations to the building a few months ago and it was closed (suppossedly) for a few months. Now they choose to do this, and on a gospel skate night?! Anywhoo….I really wanted to go skating. I hadn’t ran that morning because I knew that I would be skating like crazy that night.

Well Javier called Nils and said hey, lets go to pizza hut. So off we go. Candy riding with Javier, me with mom and Nils driving his groovy van. We got to sit in a corner booth much like the one at FCYC and we ordered two large pepperonni pizzas. When we had ordered in walks Sabrina, Mindy, Rick, and some other guy I did not know. Apparently Javier had called them and told them where we were. So we ate almost all of the pizza talked alot.

When we were leaving Pizza Hut Taylar had to get a little toy thingy so Javier dished out fifty cents and lo and behold she didn’t get what she wanted. She wanted a little princess cup thingy but she got a Mowgli cup. She was crying and crying! It was funny. Were all laughing (silently) and she’s just a whaling!

I have been extremely tired of late and my mom last night, along with Candy, were telling me that I was depressed. I don’t think I am. I mean, yes, I am a little sad that I’m not married yet but I mean that can’t be the reason I’m sleeping non stop. Well I don’t sleep non stop. Let me tell ya: I wake up at six twenty to go jogging then at night I usually go sleep at like eight thirty or nine. Except on Thursdays when I watch The Apprentice and that doesn’t start until nine pm. Well anywho….I don’t think I’m depressed. Do you?

Were practicing our Christmas skit tomorrow and I’m excited. I’m going to have sooooo much fun. Were going to do it on Wednesday the fifteenth. I think everyone will love it, well at least I hope they will. It’s hilarious so make sure you go to the bathroom before because I don’t want anyone to pee their pants!

I guess I’ve written enough. Hey thanks Drew for the great talk. Hope your math final went great!! I love you ALL.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Hey,
    The other guy with us last nite was Jason… he’s a good friend of mine & Mindy’s (he’s also Mindy’s b/f). So yea… that should clear that question up for ya!
    Can’t wait to see the skit next week! Gotta run gots lots to do before bed!
    Love ya,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey. I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I offened or upset anyone by my actions lately. I didn’t realize that it was effecting my witness. See you tonight.

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