My quote today is coming from my very first quote that I wrote on my xanga. ” A black hole is a thearetical hole in space. It is so dense light itself cannot escape.” A little trivia here: What day was the debut of my quote writing? The quote’s from Eddie. It’s a Whoopi Goldberg movie. I don’t really like her but I do kinda like her movies.

Let’s see, FCYC. Not bad I guess. It could’ve been better I suppose. I had a great time watching Hercules with first timers Nils and Andrew! I can’t believe they had never seen it before. We watched tv together too when Javier and Andrew went golfing.

Sunday night was the jazz concert at church but since I detest jazz I suggested we go to the movies. After many showed interest only Kayte and I went. (Thank you Kayte!) We were going to see Finding Neverland but we ended up seeing National Treasure. OHMYGOSH!! If you have not seen this movie get up right now, get a ride to the theater and go see it. To me this is the best movie I have seen since Pirates of the Carribean. Now knowing me you know that this movie rocks! And if you don’t know that or you think Pirates wasn’t good YOU suck!! Anywho…go and see this movie…..and bring me along!

You know what. I’m tired of people saying one thing and then doing another. I myself have done this before but let me defend myself since this is indeed my xanga site. I usually say something then I go and think about it and then I come back with possibly another something. I have never said something and then not done it without a plausible excuse. I totally hate it when people do that and I know and have known so many people that do that. It drives me mad. So if that offends you I don’t really care because if I can’t tell you (my friends) than who can I tell??

I do love you ALL


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  1. I want to see both Finding Neverland and National Treasure.  I also want to steal a Sponge Bob off of a Burger King, but that would be hard to do since I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant and my balance is a little off…. I might fall and pass out, but maybe Jonnie Depp would be Whopper craving and catch me, only to have to give me CPR….. I really need to get back to work.  Are you ever coming to Clearwater to see Rick Starr? I’ll go with you… I know he’s out of town right now cause his oldest daughter just gave birth to her first baby. =)  Bethany is getting married too soon.   Lots of hugs- Winders

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