“Lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me.” Ok, that’s not like my typical comment but yesterday when I was watching tv during Mady’s nap I watched this AIDS documentary on VH1. I have to say it was way awesome. Anywho back to the comment. It’s from a Salt N Pepa song they did to “educate” the world about AIDS. (If you do not know who Salt N Pepa is then I think you missed out on some good music.)

This documentary almost had me in tears. Mainly becuase of Ryan White and when he died. I was in grade school when it happened and I still remember it. It was horrible. He was the first “innocent” (that’s what they called him) to get and die from AIDS. Ryan contacted AIDS through a blood transfusion because he was a hemophiliac (don’t know how to spell that!). Man, I wish everyone one of you could have seen this because it was awesome. I don’t know how to explain it but everything I saw was totally great. The main reason for it showing now is because AIDS is on the rise again and with people sleeping with whoever they want to and as often as they please it’s easy to see that.

Kinda a depressing topic but one that everyone should understand. I don’t know if you youngin’s remember the Real World where there was a gay guy on there who had AIDS. He spent the whole six months right up until he died to educate everyone he saw about the disease.

Well, today is Friday and the great FCYC starts, I’m kinda excited. Were staying at Javier and Joannes house tonight. That’ll be interesting. I went to ICYC when I was in Jr. High back up in Indiana. I remember having a great time. We stayed at this church up there and we tried to get a bowl of hot water so we could put our youth ministers hand in it but he woke up and we all scattered!!! I miss Indiana. I miss being younger!!

I love you ALL


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