“Vote or Die!”  I’m sure everyone knows what that’s from. Except Nils. It’s from that stupid MTV ad campaign to get the younger generation to vote. I think it’s dumb. But today I vote. As soon as mom gets off work we are going to the library to vote. I’m here now with Candy because she has to work later so she’s voting now.

Can you believe it’s October 29th already! I can’t. It’s crazy. I’m really looking forward to Halloween. That is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Isn’t it everybody’s. I mean you get to dress up as something and then you get to go walk around and get candy and have a blast! HELLO! Who would not love this holiday?!? Well I know some people. Well I know one person. Actually when I used to live in Indiana with Lynn and Sally (If you don’t know I didn’t live with my parents for a year beause they were in Haiti so I lived in Indiana with friends from our church Lynn and Sally.) they wouldn’t let their girls go out and trick or treat. Our church up there though had an awesome Harvest Fest. You could eat taco salad or hot dogs and all this yummy food and their were games that it didn’t matter if you won or lost you got candy! HELLO! Again the candy. I love it!!

Well I’ll try to write more later. Yo-Yo
I love you ALL


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