“Come what may….” This is from a song in the most bestest movie ever: Moulin Rouge. I love this song. It’s so special and romantic and wonderful wrapped up into one.

 So what’s new with everyone. Well it doesn’t matter because this xanga site is about me and not you. And if you just got offended by that, tough luck!

For those who know of the wedding dress saga, it ends here. Well hopefully. If you don’t know it, sit on back and enjoy reading it. I went and tried on a beautiful ivory colored dress many moons ago and it looked magnificent. Well when I told people some were like “oooooh she’s got a secret!”  This dressed cost $700 more than I wanted to pay for it.

 Anywhoo….it didn’t make much difference. I kept looking but I kept on thinking of that “secret” dress. And all this time mom is looking at patterns for dresses. So I took mom to look at it with Candy and she was like “oh this will be so simple to make.”  So guess what? My mom is making my dress to look just like that one. I hope it turns out like the other one. I just bought the material the other day and it was sooo on sale. It was originally $9.99/yard and it was on sale for $2.99/yard!

I’m kinda nervous because my mom is a huge procrastinator (and if your reading this mom: YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY!). So I have this visual image of me and Candy and mom staying up late the night of the wedding sewing it still.

So nothing’s really new besides the whole dress thing. Man, I lead a boring life!

OH! If you were not at Javiers Sunday you should be ashamed at yourself. It was the best thing I’ve ever heard Javier say. Don’t tell him. Just kidding, I’ve heard him say some other good things! It was all about being a witness and how we should act and it was just great! One person was there that I think really should’ve heard it and one person wasn’t there who needed to hear it.

Well I love you ALL


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