“Here comes the bride…..all dressed in white.”
A traditional song but do you have to follow it.

I have read hundreds of articles about weddings these past three years. And everyone always says you can do whatever you want it’s your wedding. So does that mean you can wear an off white dress if you want. (No I don’t have anything to tell you!(NILS))

See here’s the thing. I want to wear a white dress. But when Candy, Adam and I went shopping we found this off white, ivory, colored dress that looked soooooo oooooooooooooooo good on me. It was great. So I guess here’s the question: If I wear off white would everyone think I’m tainted, unpure, a Ford truck?

I wish I had a book that told me everything that is normal for someone like me. For example is it normal to be sad and anxious and scared and happy all at the same time while thinking about planning your wedding? Seeing that all my readers aren’t married, except Windy(does she read this?), I guess you can’t tell me.

For those of you who have not heard the joyous news: I’m getting married. Just joking…I mean I am getting married but that is not the news. I know the date. Yeah! I called Andres last Friday and we decided that November twentieth will be our blessed day. Isn’t that groovy? I’m sooooo ready to be married. I can’t wait.

My best friend in Indiana is getting married next July and she asked me to be her maid of honor. I’m really excited about that. She has been through so much in her life. She’s a foster kid who got adopted by her foster parents and two years ago she got kicked out of her house for a really dumb reason and much more drama. At least her family and her are trying to reconcile. But anywho…..I’m really excited. I have never been in a wedding and I’m really excited. I’m saying it over and over again because I am.

I’m reading this awesome book which is actually the first book in a trilogy. It’s called Angel Walk. Or something like that. I don’t have it right in front of me. It’s about this angel who doesn’t understand why Lucifer was sent to earth. So he goes down to discover what happened and he finds out so much. It’s kinda like This Present Darkness or Piercing the Darkness. If you haven’t read either one of those books you need to stop what your doing…..well keep reading……then stop and go find a copy of these books and read them. They are awesome.

Well I’ll end it here so you can go and find those books! There by Frank Peretti!
Love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    its your wedding do what you want with it. if the off white dress looks good on you then get it.because you might decide not to get it and then you cant find a pure white one so when you go to get the off white one it might not be there. and remember its YOUR day.

  2. It’s not like you want to wear a red teddie. Get the one you love. If someone makes a comment, I’ll beat ’em to a pulp. You don’t want those people at your wedding anyway.

  3. Yes I read your site!  I wanna come!  THIS November??  Holy smokes, that’s next month!  CONGRATS!!!  This Present Darkness rules… we thought about the name Ashton…but moved on cause we got a lot of negative feedback?  Oh well… Get what YOU want…Jpop’s right…YOUR day. =)    The minister that married us (my big brother) told everyone at the rehearsal dinner that for the next 24 hours whatever Windy wants, Windy gets….that was the best day of my life…..haha!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey!! I know this will sound redundent, but, if the off white dress looks good on you and you love it, then go for it. And if anyone says anything, then thats there issus becuase you know you are pure and not a Ford truck. and if I hear any comments, Christina and I can beat them up!! lol!!!

  5. Yeah, Holly this present darkness is a good book. I liked it. I liked the way they portrayed the demons. Anywho, Hot diggity-dog that your getting married. My fair lady comes to mind. “I’m get-ting married in the morn-ning! Ding-dong the bells are gonna chi-i-i-i-i-me!” ect, ect, ect. Cool beaners. AHHHHHGGGGHHHH! A tainted DRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christina and Steph have to beat me up but my goodness. Arghhh! (just kidding) Don’t hurt me Steph! The wonderful, great, kind, compassionate……gorgeous, likeable, friendly, hunky, slow-witted, down trodden, forgotten, beat-up, smooshed….Badger

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